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#2953642 - 04/08/16 12:32 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
10ring1 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/30/10
Posts: 738
Loc: SW PA
IMR 4895 or Varget for me

#2953858 - 04/08/16 10:53 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
6mm06 Offline
PM senior

Registered: 07/31/05
Posts: 8335
Loc: USA

Some added information: The rifle is a brand new Bergara B14 Hunter. It has a free floated barrel, nice composite stock, a very nice factory trigger and a bolt as smooth as silk.

Today I shot a box of Winchester factory Power Max Bonded, 150 grain. Results were not good, with 3-shot groups going around two inches. The last two shots I fired went 15/16". That's all the shooting I have done with it. Perhaps the barrel needs some breaking in, but I just suspect it doesn't like 150s. Seems it should have grouped better than 2" even with factory ammo. The rifle has a 1 MOA guarantee with factory match grade ammo. I just assume the rifle doesn't like the Winchester load.

UPDATE: I just now got on the Bergara website and see that my rifle has a rate of twist of 1:10" which may explain why the 150s didn't do so well. I have some Speer 165 gr bullets and some Sierra 180s to try. I plan to get a set of Collet dies and begin loading for it. I was hoping for a 150 grain or 165 grain load and prefer that to a heavier 180, but I may have to go heavier than I had hoped for. My plan is to find a bullet in the right weight that the rifle prefers, and then switch to Barnes TSX for my final hunting load.

IMR-4064 may be the first powder I try since I have several cans of it on hand. I think I have a can or so of R15 too.

This rifle is to be my new hog hunting rifle, provided I can get it shooting nice groups with a suitable bullets for them.

This is the rifle I have.

I don't have Federal M210 primers, but do have CCI Bench Rest as well as 200. What are your thoughts about those?

#2953907 - 04/09/16 06:43 AM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 03/21/11
Posts: 1715
Loc: TX
My 700 has a 1:12 twist and loves anything from 150-170gr. I also use Laupa and Remgtion brass and once fire formed to my chamber. (Have to full length resize after 5 firings) , it didn't matter which brass case I used.......yielded same accuracy node.

Note: Even when full length resizing my cases, my load with produce .630" groups consistently at 100yds. In short, hunting load cases get FLR and Comp/bench loads are necked resized and shoulder bumped.

Once I found my load, I stuck with it so I never tried the CCI primers. The .308 is one of the easiest rounds to load for so I say try it. I bet you will find an accuracy node.

Off to the range to pattern a new shotgun barrel.

PS: post up your results as I would like to see how things turn out

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#2954293 - 04/10/16 03:15 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
cherokeetracker Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/05/15
Posts: 439
Loc: Texas
6mm06 First let me say that You have one fine looking rifle. I do appreciate the fact that you have more information on hand for your loads. I think what you have is good choices to start with.
FYI: The Berger VLD in 168 gr is on sale over on Midwayusa..
Now something to think about is that the COAL may come into play with some of these bullets.
I personally would only load about three at a time, and I would load some about 3-5 thousands off the lands, to see if there is a significant difference, since this is where Bergers seem to like things.
Loading the Sierras or the Speer bullets is fine, and the reason I said just three at each powder amount and COAL is because components are kinda high right now, and you need to find your Node. Then you can tweek and refine your load to perfection. .015 to .020 off the lands should be good.
As far as the primers are concerned it is not going to make that much difference, if you are using CCI Benchrest Primers. They are my second choice after the Federals
Just some more FYI: I have tried the Speer and Sierra, in the 140 grain in my 260 for Hogs. I found that Nosler Partitions worked and worked best for me. I realize I am talking a 260 cal, 140 grain bullet, and I am not trying to compare apples to Oranges. But Hogs are tough and require a tough bullet. If possible maybe you can do a crossover with some 30 caliber, I think you will be happy.
Last suggestion is to go to and then scroll down to the 308 section, click on it. Read some or all of this, as it is packed full of good information for the 308.
I do want you to succeed with your new rifle. I think you can, and will, since you are capable.
Almost forgot, you are correct in getting the collet dies. My accuracy did improve once I purchased the Wilson Seating die, and the gauges for measuring the COAL and tweeking my COAL.
As TXCOONDOG said first time FL size then neck size for 3-5 times and then FL size again.
I do expect a range report and one day seeing a 300-400 Pound hog DRT from You and this rifle.

#2954315 - 04/10/16 04:58 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
6mm06 Offline
PM senior

Registered: 07/31/05
Posts: 8335
Loc: USA

Thanks Cherokee.

Question: how do the 168 gr. VLD Bergers perform on game? I don't have any experience with them.

My plan has been to use Barnes TSX bullets, but initially my thoughts were to try bullets I have on hand in variuos weights to see what the rifle might stabilize better. The factory 150's didn't shoot worth a hoot. I have the Speer 165's on hand so I thought I would try those and if they group well, then swith to Barnes TSX in that weight and hope for a good, accurate load. Since my rifle has a 1:10 twist, I am thinking I need to go heavier than the 150's. I would be happy if either the 165 or 168 Barne's would work. I prefer not to go with a 180 gr bullet, but will if need be.

My practice of load developing involves shooting one round at a various powder weight and then check for pressure signs. If none then I move upward a little bit at a time and once I get to a certain point that I feel is far enough, I then load three rounds and fire for groups. From there I tweek various things to get the groups.

I have a set of Collet dies on the way so hopefully I can get to the shooting bench soon. I'll keep you posted about results.

#2954319 - 04/10/16 05:13 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
Zen Archery Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 10/27/12
Posts: 287
Loc: Texas

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Video Hunting Library

#2954444 - 04/11/16 09:30 AM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
cherokeetracker Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/05/15
Posts: 439
Loc: Texas
I have used the TTSX with my 6.8 and had good results. I have the ammo loaded for the 308 but have not had a chance to use it as of yet. The last few times I got to hunt was with pistols.
I am with you I prefer the 168-175 grain range. ( Of course it is the 168 in Barnes). If I am going to need or have to use a 180 gr. I have a 30-06 that does wonderful with 180s.

I apologize for the mix up, that was on me. You did say Barnes NOT Berger. I am actually glad you don't want to use the Berger, because I have not had the experience with them as I do others. Also from what I understand they have a tendency to break up inside of an animal. But there again I do not have enough personal experience. Even though I have the Barnes for the 308, and have had good luck with it,(in 6.8) I hesitate to start beating a drum over them. Reason why? I would rather shoot at minimum 100 animals with a bullet, before I give a final verdict on it. The Nosler Partitions have served me well in more than one caliber.( I am talking Deer and Hogs) The Barnes are doing good so far. I would not hesitate to take the 168gr in the 308 to the field, for hogs.
You have got a good handle on your reloading and Load development. From the Barnes Book I have, Varget seems to be the best or most accurate powder.

This seems like a good place to say this,,, A faster twist rifle will produce greater pressure than a slower twist rifle, given the same load. This is not something to begin a panic over, it is something to remember when developing loads. Yes do watch the primers, and feel for sticky extraction. But you can also take a shell holder to the range, and check each round. If they do not want to go into the shell holder, then that case has been over pressured. This is faster and easier than bringing a set of calipers to the range. Given the loads in the Barnes book, you should be OK. You can, and I would give them a call, to ask them for info and suggestions. You know, just ask them about the powders you have and want to use.
I know you will be using a chronograph too. PM sent.

#2954934 - 04/12/16 04:34 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: cherokeetracker]
yotekiller47 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/12/07
Posts: 795
Loc: Tennessee
Try some H4895 with Sierra 165 Gamekings. I use CCI LR Primers and get very good results. Don't know about hogs but they will totally wreck a deer.Also,They are very accurate.I don't seat my hunting rounds close to the lands My match ammo is .003 off the lands. My friends have had good results with Varget, RE15, and IMR4064. Can't tell much if any difference between the Federal Match Primers and the CCI's. Shouldn't take much work to find a good load for your rifle. The .308 is pretty easy to load for. Good Luck With Your Loads.
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#2955430 - 04/14/16 01:10 AM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
nastynatesfish Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 03/29/11
Posts: 4722
Loc: Arizona
Any 308 I've shot liked either tac or H4895
molon labe

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#2955462 - 04/14/16 08:41 AM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: nastynatesfish]
realhunter Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 12/11/08
Posts: 81
Loc: IN
My favorites have been Varget and Benchmark for accuracy loads in 308. On my plinking loads on the progressive I use CFE223...
Pound for pound a coyote is about as hard to kill as a cape buffalo

#2955774 - 04/15/16 12:30 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: realhunter]
ackleyman Online
PM senior

Registered: 01/08/03
Posts: 8785
Loc: Hickville
I deer/hog hunt only with the 308. I use the 125g nosler accubond and the Barnes triple shock with win 748, accuracy is in the range of 3100-3200 fps, with all groups sub 1/2".

I used to use the 135g Sierra single shot pistol bullet with the same load but they are long out of production, killed some very big bucks with that load.

250 yards is as far as I shoot here.

748 also works extremely well with a 150g and 165g, but I hate the trajectory of those heavy bullets.

#2955793 - 04/15/16 01:38 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
Bob_Atl Online
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 01/09/15
Posts: 2230
Loc: in the field, or not..
Something different, if you want to try subsonic: 11.5 gr Trail Boss and 180 gr HDY SST shoots in the high 900s out of a 22" barrel.
I first tried Universal powder, but it is too problematic and Trail Boss is easy.
.... rule #9 ....

#2955795 - 04/15/16 01:46 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: ackleyman]
hm1996 Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 07/23/06
Posts: 16278
Loc: S. Texas
What twist barrel are you shooting, Keith?

Reason I ask is that I'm hoping to develop a load with the 125 gr. TNT for a 1:10 Savage.

I don't have any 748 on hand, but looks like I can get 3000-3100 w/ h335, h4895 BLC2, & Varget which I do have.

Any thoughts?

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#2955905 - 04/15/16 10:36 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
6mm06 Offline
PM senior

Registered: 07/31/05
Posts: 8335
Loc: USA

HM, my barrel is a 1:10 twist.

Today I finally had a chance to do some loading for the new rifle. I purchased a set of Lee Collet dies and used IMR-4064 with a Speer 168 gr. BTSP. I played around a bit with different powder charges as well as seating depth. The rifle is showing promise, especially for an out-of-the-box factory one.

Here is today's initial target at 94 yards. Factory ammo didn't do very well, though a couple of groups were acceptable for a hog rifle.

The Bergara is a pretty neat rifle in my opinion. It comes factory with a standard 22" barrel, free-floated green composite stock
and a Timney trigger. The bolt is smooth as silk. The rifle has impressed me. I will add photos later.

While the rifle isn't grouping "yet" to win any awards, it seems to want to. For a sporter weight rifle this isn't too bad. Seems that seating depth made a negative difference on the last group when I seated the bullet a bit longer.

QUESTION: Does anyone have experience with a .308 and Sierra 165 gr. BTHP? I have read that the BTHP bullet has a tougher construction than the BTSP bullet, and I'm wondering if that might be a good hog bullet.

I also read somewhere that the Barnes TSX needs a certain velocity in order to open properly and that .308 velocities might not be enough. Does anyone have experience with that bullet in a .308? Barnes TSX is my go-to bullet in the 7mm STW, but it is a fast-stepper for sure.

I'm searching for a proper .308 bullet (for hogs) and appreciate suggestions.

#2955907 - 04/15/16 10:40 PM Re: Choice Powders for a 308 [Re: 6mm06]
Lange Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 10/22/15
Posts: 62
Loc: WY - Wyoming
Okay since theres a thread about this few questions. I have a 700 5r that im doing development on. I plan to shoot mainly 150 FMJ Hornadys, 168 Sierra or Hornady, and at some point 175 Sierras. Currently loading the 150s to practice learning to shoot distance before stepping up to a match bullet. I got IMR 4064 for starters, would Varget be another powder I could try? Just looking for some variations to test. Thanks

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