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#2856799 - 08/28/15 04:58 PM The Old Wise Gal
Wile E Coyotie Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/03/15
Posts: 275
Loc: Dirtspot Saskatchewan

This picture pretty much sums up a perfect 1st set up of the day -
High vantage wide open expanses - when I talk about outshooting my rifles capabilities - u can see what i mean - -its like the world largest golf coarse- -only please note in the left corner-- Cactus everywhere --

From the mountain top 270 yrds along the green line--#969 adult male summer srcuff white sable white-
The 1st shot -was at 50 yrds straight down the hill - it looked like i over shot by a foot - on trajectory angle ??- - was great to have back up gunner on board to see running shot -take down -- lucky- 2nd shot-- note back up gunner missed -high as well

Headed North into a big ranch yesterday - where i have been many times in the past -- HuGe Country-- Big Open Raw Prairie - most of this country u cannot get around in during winter -if there is any snow at all--- We did 5 set ups -Temps by late afternoon reads 32C on Tacoma -- Morning is 12C --

2nd set up -- we have 3-5 coyotes barking at us by none show up--usually this means busted but --notes the river between us might be territory ? line - but also note river is shallow -- so nots sure --

we move on - 3rd set -- we hiked to to top of saddle-- and from the top we command everything in sight -- - deep coulee running north with green timber in it-- slight wind 5 MPH- east to west- -
-i send out a series of bark bark bark - at about 15 seconds into it -- out of no where - big wht/red dog jumps up on the bank in front of me -- 100 yrd out --- he had to come from a hole in the ground - I center and do not even think about it - send a 55 gr his way ---@3760fps - - not sure why but hit him a little aft of center and punched a big bag of gut out -. I double tapped him cuz of the struggle #970 adult male- messy sable messy -

4th set up -- Hot - like standing in hair dryer 15 MPH east winds-- smokey from N Washington fires Visibility down to 5 miles - No Show-

5th set up -- Tacoma stash in a drainage -- we hiked out onto section size -hay flat and set up by large bales that where staggered throughout the mile in front of us --
I send out the bark bark bark -- then after 3 mins hit the pup in distress -- --at about 6 mins I caught movement off to my south - 500 yrds out on a hard charging run -she come-- all day I tried to get the back up gun to go off -- and so i watched him pick up movement and cradle the little big gun-in the sticks ---I could hear him barking at the coyote as it ran right past him to find his wind -- the old wise gal-she was --he never fired on her - she looped wide and for the first 100 yrds ran hard but slowed to a trot - stopping at 237 yrds to second guess catching a 55 gr square through the shoulders #971 adult alpha female- white red white sable

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#2856810 - 08/28/15 05:51 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
jf1073 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 10/07/14
Posts: 1191
Loc: NW OK
Thanks for brightening up a slow news day on PM! your stories are always enjoyed.

#2856839 - 08/28/15 07:35 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
Pa. Mick Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 1854
Loc: Southern shores of Lake Erie ,...
It's no wonder your hammering them up there, your in COYOTE HEAVEN !!! I think a machine gun nest would be appropriate to protect that hill, lol.

Thanks for sharing, beautiful country for sure.

#2856877 - 08/28/15 09:50 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
Sask trapper Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 07/02/15
Posts: 241
Loc: Saskatchewan, Canada
Nicely done! I love that down south country!!

#2856879 - 08/28/15 09:53 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
titch-- Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/31/13
Posts: 343
Loc: Cnd Prairies
Nice job!

Man you sure have some really nice land down in that side of the province. Wish it was like that up here around Regina. smile

#2856893 - 08/28/15 11:12 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Pa. Mick]
Wile E Coyotie Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/03/15
Posts: 275
Loc: Dirtspot Saskatchewan
Coyote Heaven Yes
Breath taking at daylight

#2856900 - 08/28/15 11:33 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
Infidel 762 Offline

Registered: 04/04/14
Posts: 6878
Loc: Okie
You always got nice looking coyotes for the summer months... A lot of the ones I get, got hair like ol barn hay tongue

#2857103 - 08/29/15 07:57 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
possumal Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 01/13/06
Posts: 4951
Loc: Nicholasville, Ky.
Beautiful country, great to call in. Kudos on a job well done and a story well told.
Al Prather
Member, Foxpro Field Staff

#2857164 - 08/30/15 01:22 AM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
T-Nichols Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/19/15
Posts: 276
Loc: OK
God's country for sure thumbup1

#2857369 - 08/30/15 08:53 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
DakotaBoy Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/19/12
Posts: 596
Loc: Minnesota
great lookinh area, nice job on the yotes!

#2857907 - 09/01/15 09:41 PM Re: The Old Wise Gal [Re: Wile E Coyotie]
lockrotor Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/21/11
Posts: 1415
Loc: West Central WI
great job


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