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#2703674 - 07/25/14 04:11 PM Bambi -1, me +2.....
5spd Offline
PM senior

Registered: 11/29/08
Posts: 7406
Well I was going to head out at 4am, but when the alarm went off I said heck Im sleeping in and will go out scouting later today.
So up at 730ish, grab a bite & headed out to a spot I have not called for at least 1.5yrs since all my calling has been in CO or NE.
I make it up there and the grasses are about door height on the truck in the area like most around here and I see the are no tracks on the 2 track trail through it from any other vehicles so Im thinking well maybe I will set up and give it a shot.
This area is rolling hills, & bottom land where I have taken at least 15 in the last few years before I slacked off on it, (that was good).
I set up on a hill side in the grass and on my stool its still higher than me. I set ol bambi & shockwave w/tail up in the only open spot about 40 yards from me, yeap its surrounded by tall grasses.
About 5 min into ol bambi bawling w/coyote bark over it I see movement in the grass maybe 400 yds to my left under tress along the creek, but Im not 100% sure as it may be grasses in the breeze or the 8:55am sun shadow moving.
So at 7.45 into the call there it comes trotting on the hill side in front of me and am just able to see it in that tall grass. I have time to range it at 200 yds, dial up 3 clicks and as its walking and looking back & around it I feel its looking at another one, it stops again.
I take a fast look around the caller that I can see the tops on, nothing so I let the 6x45 65g vmax fly...thwap and at that same millisecond I see one attack ol bambi and its so fast as I move its gone in the grass and I don't even see it running its so thick there.
Holy ol dang it, just like a lion it bits babmi in the neck leaving a tear and drops it at my shot on the other one.
9 am and its over and getting hotter by the second.
Its attached to the base by a cord so it didn't make off w/it.
The area to my left & grasses at least 3-4' tall and taller closer to the creek bottom. Decoys/caller in an open spot just behind that yellow grass.

Across the bottom land that I almost needed an elephant to ride on. The dog is above & a tad to the left of the tree on right in the V groove area.

The coyote as it laid. Ranging back to my spot it was 268 yards.

I move 2 miles off on the other side and set up near some corrals in the tall grasses and call it quits after 25 min. I put all my stuff in the truck and oh crud as I look up there is one coming in from behind & above me standing there looking for the fawn.
Heck I move slow & get the call out of the truck, watch it as its deciding what to do I slink along the corral bent over low, stick the call out 30', crawl to the fence line stand up and see its coming in, but cautiously.
I flip the call one low, it pops up and starts to make a big circle, its at 213 yards going wider. It dips in the creek bed and its gone, so I move along the corral, lay my gun up on a top rail and see it pop up at 320 yds. Its stopped and I let the 6x45 fly...thwwapp I see it spin & flop. I wait and walk out and never find it. Dang I need a coyote dog!!!
I walkin in circles for 20min see blood all over but no dog. Heck I count it as 1 dead anyway!

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#2703826 - 07/26/14 12:17 AM Re: Bambi -1, me +2..... [Re: 5spd]
Infidel 762 Offline

Registered: 04/04/14
Posts: 6917
Loc: Okie
You have got ton your money's worth out of that Bambi...

#2704573 - 07/28/14 04:24 PM Re: Bambi -1, me +2..... [Re: 5spd]
Mr. Poppadopalis Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 06/25/13
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Loc: Metro Denver
You are a MACHINE!!!!

Congrats on your Nomination:-)

#2706635 - 08/04/14 10:50 AM Re: Bambi -1, me +2..... [Re: 5spd]
hm1996 Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 07/23/06
Posts: 15917
Loc: S. Texas
Beautiful country. Would be fun to hunt open, rolling country.
Only opportunity for 200+ yd shots here is down pipelines or senderos and they often get across before you can get on 'em.

Thanks for sharing your hunt.

If what's ahead scares you and what's behind hurts you, look up; He never fails you.

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#2707823 - 08/07/14 08:16 PM Re: Bambi -1, me +2..... [Re: hm1996]
wmig2 Offline
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Registered: 02/26/07
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Loc: Broome County, N.Y.


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