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#2561403 - 10/25/13 10:56 AM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
Coyotejunki Offline
PM senior

Registered: 04/03/04
Posts: 5059
Loc: MO
I think the 22-250 was designed/developed around a 40-50 grain bullet. I went with a 1-12 twist when I had mine put together just for 55gr bullets or slightly heavier. My 243 shoots several bullets very well, with the 70gr Noslers amongst the best of the common bullets. I suppose Bergers and such would shoot better.

For long range shooting I believe the 243 has the advantage over the 22-250. Some guys are shooting the 243 out to 1000 yards, though these are not factory rifles generally. I believe I read Tubb won a competition with a factory 243 Remington.

Though much of this may be a moot point as guys like Tubb, a nation champion, are on a much higher shooting level than most of us.

I like both cartridges, but the 243 generally is rougher on coyotes than the 22-250, like often mentioned above, if that is important to you.

If killing and anchoring them was my only concerns, then the 243 would be my choice of the two.
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#2561563 - 10/25/13 06:05 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
trickrick Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 10/02/11
Posts: 182
Loc: Central Arkansas
I own both, I shoot both, I love both. I too vote yes!
Any questions? Good luck on your quest

#2561656 - 10/25/13 09:46 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: trickrick]
Mulepadre Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/13/13
Posts: 31
Loc: Laredo, Texas
.243 screams at 4K muzzle velocity with 58gr VMAX

#2561755 - 10/25/13 11:58 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: Mulepadre]
Lungbuster Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/07/04
Posts: 1169
Loc: Idaho
What's wrong with the .22-250 you have now?
Then there came from hunting, the weather-eyed shooter.

#2561851 - 10/26/13 08:45 AM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
Mulepadre Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/13/13
Posts: 31
Loc: Laredo, Texas
If you have time check out this informative essay by Chuck Hawks:

Varmint Cartridge Comparison Primer

Edited by Mulepadre (10/26/13 08:49 AM)

#2561860 - 10/26/13 09:04 AM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
skinney Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/21/09
Posts: 3611
Loc: South Dakota
Originally Posted By: EDP

What is the good and bad from either

You can't argue with the high BC rounds available for the 6mm, you can always sacrifice that for a lighter round and gain more velocity.
A 22-250 is a wicked little cartridge, as of now its been my all time favorite coyote killer, being a fur collector I prefer less damage, which is why I roll with the 250.
Seeing your from TX, and the fur isn't worth as much as it is up here, I'm "assuming" you don't care if you rip and tear?
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#2561918 - 10/26/13 12:48 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
MPFD Offline
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/07
Posts: 5199
Loc: Kansas
I shoot two .243's, one with 58 g. Vmax, and one with 87 g. VLD's.
Regards, Dustin

#2561946 - 10/26/13 01:36 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
DAB Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 05/10/09
Posts: 1697
Loc: Sandy Oregon
I have both but prefer the 22-250 for colony varmints and the .243 Win. for coyotes. In fact I have 3 .243's one is a 10 pound monster for open country, and a Feather weight Winchester Compact for normal run of the mill country. The third one I keep so the grandson has a good rifle to kill yotes with(Winchester youth Ranger)

I prefer two bullets for my .243's one , Nosler 80 Grain Ballistic Tips Varmint the other is a Hornady 87 Grain V-MAX. both shoot verry well and do a real number on coyotes.

I wish I knew what bullet Randy Anderson uses in his .243 cause it doesn't seem to cause to much damage to furs.
In one of his DVD's he says that the .243Win. cartridge is his favorite cartridge for coyote hunting. If I am not mistaken he did move up to a .243AI. in a later DVD.
I look at ti this way if it is good enough for Randy it is good enough for me. thumbup

#2562102 - 10/26/13 08:14 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: MPFD]
dan brothers Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/03/10
Posts: 3781
Loc: Santee, SC 29148 USA
Originally Posted By: MPFD
I shoot two .243's, one with 58 g. Vmax, and one with 87 g. VLD's.

Now this is the way to roll...
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#2562187 - 10/26/13 10:40 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
Riflemann Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/29/02
Posts: 2178
Loc: WC Minnesota
I shoot a 22-250 for yotes, and I prefer my 30-06 for deer. Buy a 243 if you want something different for both. Good Luck----Riflemann
Riflemann----"Hunt With Your Kids, And Grand Kids, Not For Them"

"Gun Control Means Using 2 Hands"

#2562212 - 10/26/13 11:36 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
Brownie Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 10/03/09
Posts: 2220
Loc: Walla Walla, Washington, U,S,A
My .243 shoots pretty decent with 95 VLD hand loads and great with 70 NBT factory loads. Haven't found 87 VLD to try so I'm not sure how those do. But a .243 will do anything a 250 can and then some. My vote goes for .243

#2562638 - 10/27/13 09:14 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
belgiboy Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/08/13
Posts: 25
Loc: the Cities, Minnesota
Another consideration: I like to see the bullet impact through the scope. Calibers like .223 and 22-250 allow that because the recoil is light. Will the recoil of a 243 make you lose your sight picture? I don't own a 243 myself so I don't know firsthand but it would be something I would want to find out. Maybe others can chime in on this.
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#2562750 - 10/27/13 11:45 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
AubreyD. Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/07/13
Posts: 528
Loc: Freestone county Texas
Brownie NATCHEZ shooting supply has the 87 VLD Hunting bullet.

Edited by AubreyD. (10/27/13 11:46 PM)
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#2562843 - 10/28/13 08:56 AM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: EDP]
N8Will Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/17/11
Posts: 378
Loc: Colorado
My vote also goes to the 243, can't go wrong with the heavier bullet in the wind. I've been shooting the berger 87VLD in my 243 AI, they dont run or spin with this set up.

#2562948 - 10/28/13 12:58 PM Re: 22-250 vs 243 [Re: N8Will]
The Famous Grouse Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/09/09
Posts: 1116
Loc: St. Paul, MN
I own both a .22-250 and a .243 in virtually the same rifle--the Tikka by Sako.

Both are great calibers, but IMO they are not interchangeable when it comes to performance. They both have things that they do that the other cannot replicate.

- The .22-250 shoots flatter with the same weight bullet. Obviously, BC is coming into play here, but it seems to come into play significantly more than I expected and is quite pronounced at distances over 300 yards. Again, might have just been my expectation, but I haven't been able to make the 243 shoot like a .22-250 when it comes to being freaky-flat.

- The key advantage to the .243 is that it's more versatile in terms of heavier bullets. I have a 90 grain Nosler that is just fantastic in the .243, but I can also step down to 50-60 grains with great results. My results with a wide range of bullet weights were so good, that I can't see the point in even trying to push the 250 to do something simlar with 70-80 grain bullets.

- There is significantly more recoil with the .243. How much this matters depends on how much you're shooting, but I will tell you that for me, shooting 100 rounds of .243 at varmints was MORE than enough for me in a given day. By contrast, I don't even think about round count with 22-250. Given that I have two rifles that are almost identical, I don't think there is any debating the fact that in the same gun, recoil will be more with the .243. How much this matters depends on what you intend to use it for, obviously taking a poke or two at a coyote is different from sending hundreds of rounds after p-dogs in a single day.


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