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#250319 - 03/12/05 04:04 PM AA 2015
TwoShot Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/27/03
Posts: 119
Loc: Indiana
One of my rifles, Rem 700 VSSF II in .223, shoots its best with this powder. The load development work I have done has been in cold weather. Has anyone had experience with this powder that could tell me if it is temperature sensitive. I intend to use the rifle p-dog hunting in much warmer weather. Thank you for your time and info!

#250320 - 03/12/05 04:34 PM Re: AA 2015 [Re: TwoShot]
NM Leon Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 02/05/05
Posts: 10335
Loc: AZ, NM, TX
I don't know about the temperature sensitivity of 2015. It is a bench rest powder so it may not be designed to be used over a wide temp range. Call Western Powders (406) 232-0422 and they should be able to tell you.

Temperature varients will affect ballistics regardless of powder sensitivity though. Expect to gain about 1MOA of elevation (at sea level) for every 20deg rise in temp. This depends on other factors too, BC, MV, etc so there is no substitute for a trip to the range (oh darn, Honey, I have to go shooting again, LOL).
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#250321 - 03/12/05 06:54 PM Re: AA 2015 [Re: NM Leon]
dtech Offline
PM Sponsor

Registered: 12/17/04
Posts: 2245
Loc: Bemidji, MN
I have used huge amounts of 2015 and I think it does get a little higher pressure in the real hot weather. I have shot it in the winter and summer and the shift in pressure has never caused any problems. What I have found is that the 2015 likes to be "hot" I get some of my best groups when the ambiant temp is above 80 F.
Mike Milli
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#250322 - 03/13/05 07:02 AM Re: AA 2015 [Re: dtech]
Eddie Harren Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 11/30/04
Posts: 242
Loc: Maryland
I have been using AA2015 in my 30 Doggie (.200" short 308)in Hunter BR for many years. Here, on the East coast, it works really well when temps stay below 70F and humidity stays below 35%. Which isn't often from late May until Oct. Once the summer gets here I switch to H4895.

#250323 - 05/27/06 01:31 PM Re: AA 2015 [Re: TwoShot]
sleddogg Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 04/18/03
Posts: 2103
Loc: Granville, Ma
AA 2015 is one of the best kept secrets in the 223! Especially with 40 grain bullets. Speed and accuracy is easy with 2015. If you have used common sense, and not loaded over max, your loads will be fine. I use 2015 exclusively in light bullet loads in my 223's, and have not had pressure problems year around.
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#250324 - 05/27/06 07:22 PM Re: AA 2015 [Re: sleddogg]
FIREMAN40X Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 10/06/05
Posts: 253
Loc: Northeast Texas
My experience is inline with Eddie....It works better with lower temps and humidity. That's something that doesn't occur in East Texas too much. I had a problem with unburned powder when I tried to back off on the charges. This was in a 22PPC .100 short.

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#250325 - 05/27/06 10:02 PM Re: AA 2015 [Re: FIREMAN40X]
Jay Johnson Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/08/02
Posts: 1814

I've had good luck with 2015. Used it in both my .222 and .223. My .223 is a Remington VSSF pre Jlock rifle. The best load to date has been BLC (2) 26.5 gr. in WW brass with GM205M primers topped of with a 50 gr. V-Max for 3400 fps and some small change. Consistantly shoots sub .5 MOA. I haven't had any temp related problems with this load and take it to Eastern Montana for PD's near Jordan.

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