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#2671907 - 04/13/14 07:59 AM Re: Cage Trapping Bobcats tips [Re: mercer lawing]
thinkinthebox Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/08/10
Posts: 184
Loc: NW CO.
Hey Lance I trapped the whole season the same as huntingal, I ran 11 traps for Dec. and 8 traps for Jan Feb. I ended with 15 cats, with one getting out, and two not coming back after the doors were triggered by rabbits.
Had one back out of a trap that I did not make, because it was to big to fit in!
Caught a 40# tom one of three in my life of trapping!
On a side note I gave a trap and set to a young friend of my sons told him to keep the set where it was, that he should catch a couple more after I had caught one, he ended with 2 at that set for himself!
Out of all my sets I had two that did not catch a thing, multiples on most of my sets.

#2685909 - 05/24/14 09:31 AM Re: Cage Trapping Bobcats tips [Re: mercer lawing]
mercer lawing Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 01/22/02
Posts: 91
Loc: California-USA
Got back from my CO. trip a few days ago.

Thanks Huntingal for the hospitality, Dan and Otis as well. Have met some real fine folks through this trappin biz and you guys are some of the finest.

Shot plenty of pdogs and whistle pigs despite the foul weather. Rain, wind and cold.


#2821832 - 04/09/15 03:11 PM Re: Cage Trapping Bobcats tips [Re: mercer lawing]
Lance Crowther Offline
New Member

Registered: 03/10/14
Posts: 3
Loc: Flagstaff Arizona

I just wanted to say thank you to all those helpful people on this awesome post! For someone who paid attention to every little detail there really is a lot more information on here than you think!
Our kids and I didn't get to trap as much as we had planned because we were very busy hunting, but we had a great time and ended up catching 19 AZ cats! We kept a dozen of them and let the rest go. We sold this batch of furs at the Globe Fur Sale in Arizona. Although prices were low we did well over average at the sale and had a great time making some awesome memories!

Lance Crowther
Not sure how to add pictures????

Edited by Lance Crowther (04/09/15 03:14 PM)

#2832402 - 05/18/15 03:34 PM Re: Cage Trapping Bobcats tips [Re: Lance Crowther]
huntingal Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/27/05
Posts: 388
Loc: sw colorado
Glad to hear you did well Lance.

I thought I would add a few things I learned this year-
Big cats will go in small cages

Side door traps are a wonder for catching "hard to catch cats"-
But a pain to dispatch cats in thumbdown
I you have a hunch about a certain spot-set it- this one yielded two BIG toms

If you have a pack rat messing with your trap-set a rat trap in it then use the rat for cat bait(thanks Mercer-sometimes the answer is just to obvious for me w00t)

Bobcats move out when lions move in.

Hold the shotgun tight to your shoulder when shooting a 12 ga loaded with magnum shot. It will kick a little.

The cat you miss this year should be there next year.

Also, earlier in this thread I mentioned a 640 ac parcel I trapped in 2013-14, taking three cats. I trapped this same parcel this year and caught 8 cats! Released 3 YOY and one female, kept 3 toms and one female. Something to say about management, I hope.
Aim small, miss small.

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