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#2398005 - 01/15/13 01:29 AM 3 coyotes on Sunday, 1 with the shotgun & 2 with a rifle
derbyacresbob Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 04/05/07
Posts: 4492
Loc: Kern County, CA
Sunday morning I left the house at 9:00 am and was making my first stand by 9:30 am. I was calling on some flat country and I sat down in front of a bigger bush and leaned back into it. There was a little bit of a cross wind blowing to my right.

I started out with Adult Rat on my Fury and after around 6 minutes I switched to Bay Bee Cottontail. A few minutes later I heard a high speed coyote change direction about 10 ft to 15 ft behind me. So I dropped my camera and spun around and saw the coyote heading out. My 3" 12 ga 1-1/2 oz reload of Remington HD BB shot just smoked the small male coyote at 30 yards.

I made quite a few more stands with no luck as I was heading up towards the hills and small mountains. I found a old ranch road that had just been repaired that had been washed out for years. I drove up this road almost a mile to the property line fence and parked my truck there. The fence went up hill and over a ridge about 500 yards away and I knew there was a big open area to call into just over that ridge.

When I got up to the ridge that was coming down off of the bigger mountain up behind where I want to call from I walked down the ridge about 100 yards to give me better visibility out towards the huge open area I wanted to call out into.

I set my Fury out about 60 yards in front of me and started playing Snow Shoe Hi Pitch. I was laying prone with my 22-250 with a Harris Bi-Pod on it and the wind was blowing uphill, into my face. I hadn't been calling very long when I heard a coyote up behind me challenge barking and it sounded pretty close. Before I could spin around in the prone position to look up the steep hills behind me I could hear that there was more than one coyote.

I could see one coyote on the sky-line before I even looked through my scope. When I looked through my scope I saw that there was two coyotes just below the one coyote on the sky-line. Since the coyote on the sky-line was challenging me I switched the Male Coyote Challenge 4 sound on my Fury. That really ticked them off and all three of them started screaming challenges at me.

I let them get worked up for about one minute and switched to Coyote Growls on volume 40 while I was looking at them through my scope. The lower two coyotes took off running down the mountain towards me as soon as they heard Coyote Growls. It didn't take long for these two coyote to go behind the hill or ridge between me and them. I knew they would smell me before they saw me so I took off running to get to a saddle in the ridge about 30 yards up above me.

When I got up to where I could see towards the ranch boundary fence and the way I walked into this stand from, I laid down in the prone position with my rifle. I saw one of the coyotes heading across the hill just below the fence going towards my truck that was parked in plain sight about 500 yards away. When the coyote spotted my truck he stopped to look at my truck when he was about 150 yards from me. My 22-250 hit him hard and he rolled down the steep hill about 30 yards.

I never saw the other two coyotes again so I went back over the ridge to where I was laying prone when I started the stand. My Fury was still playing Coyote Growls on full blast. When I muted the sound I could hear a coyote alarm barking at me out in front of my Fury. I thought this coyote was about 500 to 700 yards away so I was trying to find it in my scope. When I finally spotted this coyote it was at least 1000 yards away. I am pretty sure this coyote had watched the fat guy with the Mossy Oak coveralls run up and down the ridge so all he wanted to do was alarm bark from a long ways away.

It was really cool to see those two coyotes charge down the mountain as soon as they heard Coyote Growls.

Two stands later I drove to another little range of hills that I can make two stands on. The first stand on these hills was a good one. I just parked my truck before getting to the top of the hills and walk about 200 yards over the hill to lay prone again with my Fury about 40 yards from me. There was a small canyon to look into with ridges and hills on both side of it to watch.

There was quite a bit of shade because the sun was going down and I knew a coyote would be hard to see in the shade. I was playing Snow Shoe Hi Pitch and around the 10 minute mark I saw a coyote come out of the shade in the canyon bottom. It looked like there was a spotlight on that coyote when it walked out of the shade into the bright sunlight. This coyote just kept coming up the steep hill at a steady slow pace. It only stopped for a second or so 3 or 4 times. When it got to about 30 yards from the caller it stopped and I squeezed the trigger on my 22-250.

In the above picture you can see the canyon with the shade in it below the Fury.

I made one more stand with no takers. It was another great day of coyote calling.

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Foxpro Field Staff

#2398039 - 01/15/13 02:05 AM Re: 3 coyotes on Sunday, 1 with the shotgun & 2 with a rifle [Re: derbyacresbob]
desert dave Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 02/02/11
Posts: 588
Loc: California
Nice work! Good to see other california coyote hunters

#2398168 - 01/15/13 09:23 AM Re: 3 coyotes on Sunday, 1 with the shotgun & 2 with a rifle [Re: derbyacresbob]
Kollincoyote Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 11/17/05
Posts: 1484
Loc: Southern MN
Wow sweet day!!

Nice pics too!!

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#2398183 - 01/15/13 09:33 AM Re: 3 coyotes on Sunday, 1 with the shotgun & 2 with a rifle [Re: derbyacresbob]
yotezapper Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 978
Loc: Hunters Paradise
Great pics and story as always Bob! Thanks for sharing.
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