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#228 - 03/11/01 10:55 PM New load field test.

Looks like Cal and I had the same idea today.
I also went out for a little afternoon session. I wanted to try out a new load that Yotehunter mentioned the other day in the Firearms forum for my 22-250,The 40 grain Nosler BT and H380.
I thought I could go scout some new country and perhaps get a yote or two in the process.

I loaded some up this morning and met a friend about noon. I found a big black rock at about 150 yards laid my rifle over the hood of the truck and three shots made one hole about half dollar size about 1/2 " high. I figured that was MOA of coyote and said lets go make some noise.
Second stand I see one pop up over a ridge at what I figured to be close to 250 yards.Didn't feel she was interested in coming on in so
I allowed just a a smidge for the crosswind and folded her up with one in the center of the chest. The male jumped out from some brush and started loping down the ridge, I smooched him as loud as I could and he stopped broadside. I held for his ribs and another one folded up.
I figured it fairly close as I stepped it off at 242 strides.
The female had no exit wound as I figured she wouldn't since it was a straight on frontal hit. However the male looked like I had hit him with a 17 rem! not a drop of blood anywhere. A nice big male , probably 30 pounds or a little more.
Almost grey , about as grey as I have seen in a while.

I called in another on the next stand and she came in a little on my buddy's side but she was hidden by some brush from him so I popped her also.
This one was at 120 strides and the bullet just clipped her on side front shoulder and blew about a 3" entrance hole and just a spot of blood for an exit. I figured that the bullet blew up inside and perhaps the solid copper base had been the only thing that had exited.
I havent chronoed this load but it is smokin I can tell you.
Yotehunter said he was getting a little better than 4000fps at 41 grains of 380, I was shooting 42 grains so I imagine I am in the same ballpark .

I am a little worried what might result if one trots by at 30 yards however. I am afraid that this little bomb might create all kinds of onside havoc to one.

I tried out another little deal today as well, I saw on a video the other day where they were using a drag line on the jaw to bring the coytoes back to the truck. I have always just carried them by the legs and am dang tired of cramped hands so I fixed me one up. It works great! I drug both of the first yotes at the same time with half the effort. The desert rocks didn't hurt the hair either.
I called in one other and didnt get him. We had set up with my pard doing the calling and after 15 minutes he signaled to go. I really liked the feel of the setup so I motioned that I wanted to wait just a bit more. I blew on my hand call, I know that this sounds egotistical but I really didn't like the sounds that he was making .
Well after 10 minutes of that I figured what the heck, perhaps it wasn't his noise that was the prob after all. So I stood up and by dang there had been a little cactus in the bush I had been in front of and my back was full of those little hair like stickers. DAMN!
So while I am stripped to the waist and my bud is pickin stickers out of my back and I am trying to get as many out of my shirt as possible suddenly he say's , hot dam there's one right there! sure enough while we were messin around another coyote had decided to come investigate. I guess my farmers tan camo didn't impress him too much as he took one look at my chiseled abs " don't I wish!" and headed out of there, I swear I heard him laughing.
You can bet that I pay a little more attention to whats growin in whatever I use to break my outline from now on..

[This message has been edited by Craig Hamilton (edited 03-11-2001).]

#229 - 03/12/01 07:28 PM Re: New load field test.
yote hunter Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 113
Loc: Sycamore, Ill. USA
I have shot some coyotes at fairly close range with that load and it has not exited. If you hit the shoulder it will leave a mess. I also use that drag rope and it sure saves a lot of work especially in the snow. Yote Hunter.

#230 - 03/19/01 07:21 PM Re: New load field test.
Trikstr Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 1
Loc: Oak City,UT
I have been using the 40 grn BT's since they came out. I use them in my 223, 22PPC, 220 Swift. They were my favorite hide bullet 'til I started shooting the 17's. You are correct in your assumption about the solid copper bases. I shot a coyote in the back of the head and found the solid copper base just under the skin on the bridge of it's nose. A straight on frontal or behing the shoulder will leave no exit/small exit.

#231 - 03/19/01 07:23 PM Re: New load field test.
Trikstr Offline
New Member

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 1
Loc: Oak City,UT
ps you don't to hit high or low either.


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