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#215019 - 08/27/01 08:56 AM Minnesota bear hunt/calling results....
timberking Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 166
Loc: Iron River,Mi. U.S.A.
Well we left the u.p. a little late and when we got to mn. we did not have enough time to hunt on Friday evening So we started the hunt off on saturday morning.On the first stand and within 8 minuets of calling we had action!! Me and my buddy were both in a large permanent tree stand and heard the brush breaking and grass swaying it was obvious that SOMETHING big was makeing it's way to our location,when all of a sudden out pops a big timberwolf and runs into within 10 yards of the foxpro which was screaming the death cries of a adult deer! We sat still and watched but after a few minuets the timber looked straight up at us(we had no background cover)and ran back to about twenty yards from the stand and caller,looked at us again but still refused to leave and started makeing a circle down wind when it got to our trail that we walked in on he finally bolted. My buddy who has'nt seen anything called in before turned to me and said "THAT WAS GD AWESOME" So then we finished the call with nothing else responding. We ran baits for a little bit but with no luck,with temps in the mid 80's it was'nt a good weekend for sitting baits. That evening we went to a farm owned by the brother of a friend we were staying with and he had two cows that he had to put down and the bears were supposed to be on the carcases. We made a stand from 7 p.m. till dark useing the deer distress and fawn distress,at about 7:45 i heard something in the grass to my left across an irigation ditch,the grass was so thick and tall(around seven feet)we did not get to see what it was,it would not cross the ditch and come out into the knee high grass that we were watching from atop of some round bales,it just walked back and forth finally leaving a short time later. We were supposed to hunt sunday morning/evening and leave for home on monday morn but with no luck at the bait sites and another warm day we decided to call it quits and come back again in september. We did call in a pack of house dogs on sunday morning and had to cut our stand after twenty minuets. So we'll wait till september and give it another shot


#215020 - 08/27/01 09:17 AM Re: Minnesota bear hunt/calling results....
Curt Barrett Offline
PM senior

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 5144
Loc: Pacific Northwest
That must have been great, calling that wolf in. Wish I could have seen that.!


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