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#212852 - 06/23/01 03:49 PM My puppy flushed her first quail today!!!

Well Storm my new ES puppy is a keeper. Today i went down the street and shot a pigeon with the pellet rifle. Totally legal.The shot broke a wing but didn't kill it. So I quick took it home and put it where Storm was she sniffed at it and it fluttered. She chased it into the mesquite and crept up slowly until he nose was 5 " from the hiding pigeon. i put the pgeon out of its misery and froze it for later use.

About 20 minutes later she was playing in the mud hole under a pine and saw a quail walking across the open area . She took off at as fast a run as she could.She chased it into a mesquite boontoolie and about 2 minutes later out it flew.

She then cane strutting out with her tail wagging and right over to me. I was so happy. BTW she will be 9 weeks old tomorrow!!! Jon

#212853 - 06/23/01 06:00 PM Re: My puppy flushed her first quail today!!!
ryank Offline
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Registered: 04/20/01
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Loc: Wisconsin

That's awesome! Sounds like that will be an easy dog to train.




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