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#2110262 - 01/13/12 02:02 AM Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds?
Passthru Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/19/02
Posts: 185
Loc: Missouri
Hey any of you guys ever take sound files that did not come from Primos and edit them and get them loaded onto the Turbo Dog? if so can you tell me what you had to do?
Im thinking it is not as easy as dragging and dropping it to the unit.

#2110273 - 01/13/12 03:07 AM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: Passthru]
Passthru Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/19/02
Posts: 185
Loc: Missouri
Hey folks, never mind. A little bit of Google search and i found the answer i was looking for. going to drop this here for others who might come along and do a search looking for the same info, its a quote direct from the Primos crew.


Workaround for Turbo / Alpha Dogg "NO NAME" sound issue.

If MP3 files are added to the Turbo / Alpha Dogg with any additional property data other than the Title of the track (that's what it will show up as on the remote), then those items and various other sounds will be displayed as NO NAME on the remote. This has been verified in all firmware updates 1.2 and lower. A firmware update to provide a final solution for this problem is in progress, but a workaround can allow sounds to be added prior to that firmware being available.

The workaround involves deleting all the extra MP3 data fields in the file properties of the sound files that are being added to the Turbo / Alpha Dogg. Note that only the sounds files transfered to the Turbo / Alpha Dogg device need to be edited. The original sound files can maintain the extra data at their original location.

Please follow these instructions to resolve the NO NAME sound issue:

1) Make a new folder on the Turbo Dogg via USB and copy your new sounds to this folder.

2) Right click on the added files ON the Turbo / Alpha Dogg (one at a time....sorry) and select PROPERTIES at the bottom of the menu.

3) Select the SUMMARY tab.

4) Select the ADVANCED button.

5) Under the MUSIC section select and delet the ARTIST, ALBUM TITLE, YEAR, TRACK NUMBER, GENRE, and LYRICS fields and delete any text that is in them (these MUST be blank).

6) Under DESCRIPTION, delete any text in the COMMENTS field and make SURE the TITLE field has some title in it or NO NAME will also display on the remote. We suggest that this TITLE be limited to 18 characters so it fully fits on the remote display screen.

7) Click APPLY then OK.

8) Do the above for each sound file you have added to the Turbo / Alpha Dogg device.

9) Unplug the Speaker unit from the USB, power down both the speaker unit and remote.

10) Turn them back on and they will SYNCHRONIZE.

All the sounds should now be available with proper names. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Primos Customer Support.

when i right clicked i got the window to the sound file and only had two tabs, I edited the info listed above from the "Details" tab. Syncing the remote and Speaker takes a long time, close to 10 minutes so dont freak out, just let it sit and do its thing. worked like a charm.

Edited by Passthru (01/13/12 03:09 AM)

#2110408 - 01/13/12 08:41 AM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: Passthru]
dan brothers Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/03/10
Posts: 3731
Loc: Santee, SC 29148 USA
so your saying that it was easy to download sounds onto your call...

did you download Tony's calls...

been thinking about the Alpha Dogg...
Forgive my Sins... Jesus... Save my Soul

#2110670 - 01/13/12 01:09 PM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: dan brothers]
Passthru Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/19/02
Posts: 185
Loc: Missouri
Yes, I downloaded Tony's aggressive call he just posted, and followed the directions above to put it on my caller. Worked great. My understanding is that the turbo dogg, and alpha dogg ecallers are pretty much the same animal, except the turbo dogg has more sounds and the extra speakers.
I should have done scream shots of all the steps and posted those, it was a little confusing, but in the end turned out real simple, I may do that tonight just because I think it would help others.

Edited by Passthru (01/13/12 01:17 PM)

#2111084 - 01/13/12 08:05 PM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: Passthru]
ChetPunisher Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 11/03/09
Posts: 65
Loc: Holland, Michigan
Just ordered my Turbo Dogg... Please post the pics.

#2111389 - 01/13/12 10:41 PM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: ChetPunisher]
Mapes Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/06/07
Posts: 1081
Loc: Michigan, USA
Chet you got the caller?! Awesome man let me know if you need help with the updates.DO NOT screw it up like I did lol. That was a waste of money on the faster shipping.
Yea they are supposed to be working on an update for the callers that will get rid of the NO NAME issue when you add sounds, but I dont know when they will be available.Im also hopeing they will fix remote distance issues.I think they needed to add antennas.
Overdrive Outdoors

#2111557 - 01/14/12 01:50 AM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: Mapes]
Passthru Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/19/02
Posts: 185
Loc: Missouri
First download the sound file.
Plug in your USB to your Speaker, and to your computer.

then im going to imagine you know how to do this but im going to list it anyhow.

click "Start"
Click "Computer"
Right click on the drive for your Ecaller, Probably "Removeable disc F:"
click "Explore"
This opens window showing all the folders on your Ecaller, Right click in an empty area, slide mouse down to new and select "folder"
Now right click and rename your new folder.
open that folder.
navigate to the sound file on your computer, you should have saved it to music or someplace like that, drag and drop it in the new empty folder on your ecaller.

after it transfers, Right click on the sound file (In the folder on your caller) and click "Properties"

you get this box

Leave the name. Click the tab "Details"

Remove the text in all these areas, click apply, click OK

now disconnect speaker from your computer, BE SURE you do this properly, bottom right, in the task bar (where your clock shows), click the icon for your USB storage device and click "Safely Remove mass storage device" or something like that...if you just simply shut it off or unplug it you can corrupt the memory in your speaker unit and it will be ruined, you will know its safe when a box pops up telling you it is safe to remove.

once you have it unplugged turn off the speaker, then turn the speaker back on and turn on the remote, Wait for it to Synchronize with the remote..this step can take up to 10-15 minutes or more. Once its done you should be able to find it and its name will show up properly, your done.

When you get your Dogg caller, if you are not comfortable you can PM me and ill give you my cell number and i can walk you through it step by step no problem.

Edited by Passthru (01/14/12 01:52 AM)

#2112241 - 01/14/12 07:02 PM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: Passthru]
nateg Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 09/08/08
Posts: 399
Loc: Wisconsin
Just bought one today at Cabela's, thanks for all the info, this seems like a really nice call from what I can see so far

#2112673 - 01/15/12 02:11 AM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: nateg]
patncor Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/14/02
Posts: 297
Loc: Snohomish, Wa
If you go to primos/ ????? They have updates you can download for other improvements. Just google primos updates it will come up

#2113459 - 01/15/12 05:59 PM Re: Primos Turbo Dog? Adding sounds? [Re: patncor]
money Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/29/11
Posts: 34
Loc: KS
This helped me a bunch today. New sounds put a coyote on the ground this afternoon!!!

Thanks for posting the info!!!!


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