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#1794331 - 01/13/11 05:35 PM Re: your thoughts on curs [Re: cowpastureplinker]
Devin69 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 11/16/08
Posts: 1467
Loc: Craig Colorado
Sorry, was not sure that is what you were going to use it on.
I like Duane, use different dogs on treeable game. It is pretty hard to beat a dog at his own game. I know guys that do it but they will tell you that their curs are no hounds.
In my oppinion a cur is a Jack of all trades and a master of None. So in other words if you are not too serious about the game you are playing then get a cur and you may just get that gem you are looking for. But if you are very serious and want to increase your chances of getting that gem then get the dog that has been bred to do it and do it well.
As far as a handle, my hounds mind me just as good as my curs, maybe better. It is all in the training.
You are picking some of the hardest game to tree (bobcat and greyfox). I think it all depends on how successful you want to be at it.
I think if you are stuck on a cur then I would look into a Leopard cur, I think you will find more natural tracking and trailing abilities in them more than any other cur.
I know a very good Leopard cur breeder in Califonia and in Colorado, their lines come from John Wick ( Walk with Wick). I have had a few of them and they were nice dogs, but again they were no hound, but closer than any cur I have hunted with.
Good luck, If I can help let me know. Devin
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#1794398 - 01/13/11 06:22 PM Re: your thoughts on curs [Re: Devin69]
Duane@ssu Offline
Retired moderator

Registered: 04/24/01
Posts: 4095
Loc: Gods Country
Devin makes a great point. If you want a hound, a cur is not a hound.(at least my crosses are not). They will tree, and "blow the top out of it", but on tree game, I usually,let the hounds get something started, and use these dogs to add pressure. I use my crosses mostly to hunt coyotes,and other game on the ground, and they work well for that.
They will run a fresh track in the snow, but most any dog will do that.Do lots of research, before you get any thing.


#1794485 - 01/13/11 07:16 PM Re: your thoughts on curs [Re: Duane@ssu]
Jesse lackey Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 11/28/09
Posts: 1909
Loc: Michigan. Go Blue
If it is the same John Wick I am thinking of, he made wick outdoor clothing, and he used to have some real nice tree hounds also.
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#1794500 - 01/13/11 07:29 PM Re: your thoughts on curs [Re: Duane@ssu]
ccinso Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 10/24/09
Posts: 233
Loc: oregon
Thanks duane and devin
Thats one of the perspectives I was looking for. I live and work on a small 3500 acre ranch surrounded by 90% private ground. We have about 2 miles of river front and thats mainly what I hunt on with an occasional trip up in the mountains. Its nice because I usually leave the house with
the dogs on the box. and thats why Im looking for med range.
Ive never had a serious race on a bobcat but Ive see them alot on the place. we have a ton of greys too but im startin to rethink wether I should run em, right now I dont think ive got good enough dogs to put one in a tree and usually just waste time. So my main focus for now is coon. and probably continue to focus on em. Im not in a hurry right now, I think Ill finish the season with what ive got.

thanks for all your replies. and if anyone has anything to add Id love to here it.


Edited by ccinso (01/13/11 07:31 PM)

#1794559 - 01/13/11 08:02 PM Re: your thoughts on curs [Re: cowpastureplinker]
jbmaster Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 09/30/06
Posts: 400
Loc: Bradford, Pa.
I didn't notice if you said you were a caller.Those greys are about the easiest things to get to respond to a call.If you aren't, give it a try.Greyfox can be a blast. They come in quick if they are in the area.

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