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#1748381 - 12/12/10 06:11 PM Canine anatomy
Mike2 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/27/07
Posts: 1008
Loc: Ohio
Nancy Pelosi called Harry Reid into her office one
day and said, "Harry, I have a great idea! I know how
we can win back Middle America in 2012 ."
"Great, but how do you propose we go about that,
"asked Harry?" "Well," Nancy responded, "we'll go
down to a local Wal-Mart, get some cheesy clothes
and shoes like most middle Americans wear and then
we'll stop at the pound and pick up a Labrador .
When we look the part we'll go to a nice old country
bar in Middle America , and we'll show them that we
really enjoy the Countryside and show admiration and
respect for the hard working people living there."
A few days later, all decked out and with the requisite
Labrador at heel, they set off from Washington in a
westerly direction. Eventually they arrived at just the
place they were looking for. With dog in tow they walk
into the bar. They stepped up to the bar. The Bartender
took a step back and said, "Aren't you Harry Reid
and Nancy Pelosi?" Nancy answered, "Yes we are, and
what a lovely town you have here. We were just passing
through and Harry suggested that we stop and take in
some local color." They then ordered a couple of cocktails
from the bartender and proceed to drink them down, all
the while chatting up a storm with anyone who would listen.
All of a sudden, the bar room door opened and a grizzled
old farmer came in.. He walked up to the Labrador ,
lifted its tail and looked underneath, shrugged his
shoulders and walked out the door. A few moments later,
in came another old farmer. He walked up to the dog,
lifted its tail, looked underneath, scratched his head
and then left the bar. Over the course of the next hour
or so, another four or five farmers came in, lifted the
dog's tail, and went away looking puzzled.
Eventually Nancy and Harry could stand it no longer
and called the bartender over. "Tell me," said Nancy ,
"why did all those old farmers come in and look under the
dog's tail like that? Is it some sort of old custom?"
"Good Lord no," said the bartender.. "It's just that
some-one has told them that there was a Labrador in this
bar with two butt-hole's!"
why do we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America ?

#1751605 - 12/14/10 10:45 PM Re: Canine anatomy [Re: Mike2]
Vaughan Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 08/20/10
Posts: 1772
Loc: Kingston NY, FL

#1753344 - 12/16/10 09:41 AM Re: Canine anatomy [Re: Vaughan]
BangPop Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 11/05/10
Posts: 512
Loc: USA and Proud Of It
Kinda degrading to the dog to compare those two a-holes to it back side. thumbdown


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