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#1732442 - 11/28/10 09:41 PM Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010
Airedale56 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/09/08
Posts: 569
Loc: Wapiti, WY
Well,my lion dog man called and said he was going to make a pass this AM and asked if I wanted to go along. Was at his house before daylight and we climbed in the Rhino which was packed with a bluetick dog and 3 bluetick/walker crosses females. 2 of the B/W crosses were sisters and the other female was a pup from one of them.

We hit a lot of country that was known to harbor lions

We saw six bull elk, three bighorn sheep rams(1/4 curl, 1/2 curl and 3/4 curl) and one ewe: none of which were close enough to photograph. Sorry.

Lots of mule deer bucks like this guy.

We stopped for lunch and I used a timer to take this pic. (Yes I was wearing orange while hunting, took it off for lunch/photo.) I had my .500 Linebaugh in case we treed a lion.

Didn't find any tracks in what little snow was present; so we did some free-casting of the dogs and covered the tops of ridges trying to let the dogs find some scent.

One of the Bluetick/walker females found this kill and opened up. There was a lion scrape at the kill and we figured she had urine scent pretty strong. This buck was killed within the last month we figured. Pretty nice buck, but lions only kill the sick and old right?


We never found a lion today, but we had a great time. Froze our butts off this morning early, warmed up while free-casting the dogs.

On the way out I spotted some magpies flying out of a draw and told my dog man to stop. We found this coyote-killed buck, no rigor, still somewhat warm from a couple hours old, magpies hadn't removed the eyeballs yet.




We could tell it was a coyote kill from the rear legs trauma that brought him down. No lion claw or tooth marks along the neck and head/nose. And if it was a lion, it would have fed differently; going for internal organs first rather than feeding from the rear first, coyote-style.
None of the hounds opened up when run by the carcass. If there was lion scent the symphony and race would have started.

We'll head back and work on the coyotes as well as the lions.
Had a good day anyway. Hope you guys like the pics.

MOD: If the coyote attack carcass pics are too graphic, I apologize. I included them to help folks ID depredation styles.
Please remove them if they're too graphic.

Oh yeah, found a matched set of elk sheds from last winter/spring.

Edited by Airedale56 (11/28/10 10:32 PM)
It ain't lion hunting unless you get stitches - John in WYO

#1732451 - 11/28/10 09:47 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: Airedale56]
lon0121 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 05/10/10
Posts: 2718
Loc: southern kentucky
great story and pics!

#1732470 - 11/28/10 09:58 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: lon0121]
gonzaga Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 01/22/02
Posts: 4365
Loc: Raton, NM U.S.A.
too bad you weren't able to hit a fresh lion track. At least you got out there and saw some nice country, some animals, and some nice sheds.

Glad you got to spend it with your friend too.

Thanks for the pics, that was a nice story too.
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#1732490 - 11/28/10 10:10 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: gonzaga]
Rubenator Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 01/10/08
Posts: 4430
Loc: Oakland,Il.
Great story and photos.

#1732580 - 11/28/10 11:19 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: Rubenator]
mtcurman Offline
Retired Moderator

Registered: 08/24/09
Posts: 4661
Loc: Montana
Thanks for sharing! Those are some nice bucks too. smile
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#1732606 - 11/28/10 11:56 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: mtcurman]
rainshadow1 Offline
Custom Call Maker

Registered: 12/22/05
Posts: 5066
Loc: Washington State
Bios are finally publically commenting that Lions don't have a problem taking prime condition prey animals. Case in point!

They still talk about targets of opportunity favoring the sick and weak, but the ones who know are admitting that they don't have a problem taking prime animals.

Thanks for the photos!!

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#1732890 - 11/29/10 12:11 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: rainshadow1]
ScoutinWyo Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 03/24/08
Posts: 166
Loc: WY
Thanks for sharing the pics! I'll be talking to ya this week about some elk. wink

#1732996 - 11/29/10 02:31 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: ScoutinWyo]
yfzduner450 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 07/07/08
Posts: 1584
Loc: West Jordan, Utah
Great Story and pics, I never heard of coyotes taking down a big buck like that but there's always a first for everything. But it definitely looks like a coyote kill for sure.
"Who's smarter, a man that lives life, or one that lives scared?" By Duane@ssu

#1733016 - 11/29/10 03:09 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: yfzduner450]
bigsky_songdogs Offline
PM senior

Registered: 10/28/10
Posts: 5295
Loc: Big Sky Country
thats awsome, thanks for sharing

Hey, Theres no call to bring Facts into this argument!!!!!!

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#1733171 - 11/29/10 06:13 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: bigsky_songdogs]
sigpros Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 02/14/07
Posts: 2016
Loc: missouri
Real pretty country up there. Going to come see it next year. And those look to be some pretty nice bucks. I bet a lion hunt with dogs is really fun. Thanks for the story and the pics

#1734056 - 11/30/10 12:25 PM Re: Wyoming lion hunt Sunday 11/28/2010 [Re: sigpros]
cbosshog79 Offline
Retired Staff

Registered: 08/13/06
Posts: 4424
Loc: Henderson County, Texas
Great post! That is some awesome looking country...

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