Reprinted without permission from the Orange County Register.

Abandoned Tustin Base Cleared Of Coyote Scourge, Mayor says

Then: A rash of problems involving coyotes prompted residents in the Tustin neighborhoods of Laurelwood, Tustin Meadows and Peppertree to seek help from local and state officials in July. The residents submitted documentation of 34 coyote incidents, including sightings, aggressive behavior and pet deaths, to the City Council and state Department of Fish and Game. Coyote problems spread to neighboring cities, including Irvine, where a coyote bit a 3 year old at San Leandro Park the same month. Tustin officials vowed to cooperate with the state to monitor the problem. Residents believe the canines had taken up residence at the abandoned 1,600 acre Tustin Marine Corps Air Station, which is owned by the Navy.

Now: The Department of Fish and Game determined that the coyotes were a safety issue and intervened. A federal trapper caught and euthanized at lesat four coyotes at the military base. Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Thomas announced in October that the coyotes were no longer a problem at the base...Wanna Bet?

Tustin Marine Corp Air Station butts up against some pretty wild country where developers have decided to build. In addition to this area, south of Irvine, a couple of kids were attacked by 2 or more coyotes during school hours, on the schoolyard, during recess... one of them suffering wounds, those coyotes were also dealt with.

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