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#162172 - 12/28/01 10:11 AM Why guns are better than "less lethal" options
Mike McDonald Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/23/01
Posts: 881
Loc: Whetstone, AZ
The next time somebody tells you they won't have a firearm around because less lethal methods will accomplish the same thing, show them this.

Pepper spray, bean bag rounds, tasers and a dog didn't stop this guy, but a lead dispenser sure did.

Officers fatally shoot Mesa man after using pepper spray, dogs and taser weapon, police say
Michelle Beaver
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 28, 2001 10:25:00

Officers shot and killed a Mesa man around 11:45 Thursday night after he collided with two vehicles, fled the scene of the accident, assaulted officers with a knife and tried to run them over with his car, Mesa police said.

Suspect Wade Jeff Jordan, 31, called Mesa police Thursday night after his two hit-and-runs and told them he was suicidal. Investigators do not yet know whether the cars he hit were moving or stationary.

Officers tracked Jordan down in his car at Brown and Lindsay roads in East Mesa. They said he was swerving as he drove and that he appeared to be drunk.

Police do not yet know whether Jordan had drugs or alcohol in his system and await autopsy results.

When police approached Jordan he got out of his car and brandished a knife, said Mesa Detective Tim Gaffney. Officers ordered Jordan to drop the knife, and when he did not, they sprayed him with pepper spray. But Jordan continued to advance, prompting officers to shoot him with a bean bag gun and then with a taser weapon, which administers an electric shock.

But Jordan still came forward. Police dogs then attacked Jordan but he was able to rip himself free and get into his car, Gaffney said.

Jordan then tried to hit officers with his car. Seven officers opened fire on him. Jordan was struck with multiple rounds and was declared dead at the scene.

Officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave pending investigation of the incident, which is standard police procedure.

#162173 - 12/30/01 11:48 AM Re: Why guns are better than "less lethal" options
Mike Paul Offline
Retired PM Staff/Advisor

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 4448
Loc: Up by South Mountain, Utah
I would call that showing "extreme restraint until the last moment" by officers on the scene.
I would have shot him after refusing to drop the knife-but that's just me.


#162174 - 12/30/01 04:35 PM Re: Why guns are better than "less lethal" options
Mike McDonald Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/23/01
Posts: 881
Loc: Whetstone, AZ
Heck Mike, you have alot more resraint than me! I would have shot him when he stepped out and SHOWED the knife.

#162175 - 12/30/01 05:51 PM Re: Why guns are better than "less lethal" options

I have seen where they sometimes shoot the knife, or gun, out of the hand, maybe that was on TV or something? Only kidding.

One way to handle the threat. Down in LA they shot a metally challenged woman who was brandishing a screwdriver...she will never do that again. Laser tag got a kid killed by Deputies here a couple years back; same thing. Bet he don't try that again.

All these people probably had it coming? The difficult judgement call is when they are "running them down" or was it just escape, leaving the scene?

Good hunting. LB


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