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#1575171 - 04/02/10 05:48 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: tntrapper]
Riflemann Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 12/29/02
Posts: 2178
Loc: WC Minnesota
I must be lucky, I have not been bit yet. I have had a few close calls with my 444 Marlin that packs a punch though. When I was around 12 and shooting a 12 gauge for the first time I got to far forward with my hand wrapped around the pistol grip and took it in the nose, and the blood did run.
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#1575255 - 04/02/10 07:56 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: Colonel Sanders]
chefpierre Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 02/05/09
Posts: 2009
Loc: Da UP of michigan
I never had scope eye, never been touched by the scope.

I expect to get tapped on the face eventually. I dont shoot as much as some of you though.
Luck favors the prepared........Edna Mode

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#1575259 - 04/02/10 08:01 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: chefpierre]
2muchgun Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 01/18/05
Posts: 14660
Loc: Michigun
This is what happens when 3/4 of the recoil pad isn't tucked in your shoulder properly:
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#1575271 - 04/02/10 08:18 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: 2muchgun]
5.56YoteKiller Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 01/09/10
Posts: 516
Loc: Mid Tn, USA
I got hit more than once. Always with a bolt gun, never a gas operated one.

The most memorable one was shooting a custom light weight 458 Win Mag. I just wasn't expecting that much recoil. Didn't cut me or bruise (I don't bruise).
Soon to be a HOG KILLER.

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#1575556 - 04/03/10 08:36 AM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: Colonel Sanders]
borkon Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 04/05/09
Posts: 4172
Loc: minnesota
got me a double whammy with a .300 h&h mag. it was my grandfathers gun that was built for him in the 50's i think. a rem.721?? anyway ,when i was about 15 he gave the gun to me and being a inqusitive kid, i took it apart to see the inner workings. when i put it back together i noticed a small washer on the table. did'nt know where it went so i threw it away. found out it belonged to the rear tang screw, the one that holds the back of the trigger guard. without the washer in place, the trigger would hang up on the trigeer guard after being shot. when a new round was chambered, the trigger was already back and would fire when the bolt dropped. the first time,i got scope-eye bad but did'nt know how it happened and being a young dumb kid i went to shoot again and this time it recoiled into my face (the butt plate) and split my bottom lip open. thats when i figgered something was wrong and quit shooting for the day. so i was leaking bad 2 places that day

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#1579674 - 04/09/10 03:05 AM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: borkon]
Greyhunter Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 05/13/08
Posts: 890
Loc: Iowa
I've got 2 scope scars (chicks dig 'em, right?), both from my Leupold 2x7 on a .50 cal Encore ML. I got the 1st one when a 144" 10 point snuck in, hard left, to 5 yds one morning at -6*. I blame that one on being in a hurry and wearing 89 layers of clothes. The 2nd scar came while sighting in, got no excuse for that one. Funny thing is both were over the left eye and I'm right handed. Both hit their target.

Note to self: keep looking for that rubber eyepiece cover you bought after the 1st scar...

#1579856 - 04/09/10 02:05 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: 2muchgun]
DAB Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 05/10/09
Posts: 1697
Loc: Sandy Oregon
I'll fess up. I have never gotten bit by a scope, yet the day might come. cursing No doubt I have come close but that does not count. thumbup1


#1579876 - 04/09/10 02:37 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: DAB]
skb2706 Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 10/31/03
Posts: 4884
Loc: Denver, Colorado
I've never been really tagged. A couple of close brushes. My young son on the other hand got smacked, gave him a concussion. After several spring trips out shootin prairie dogs with relatively light kicking rifles and thousands of shots he opted for my .300 Win mag for his buck antelope in 2007. It bit him.........12 year olds are resiliant and not two weeks later he picked the same gun for his elk. This time he was conscious of the gun and he had no trouble. Killed his elk at 320 yds. DRT.

This is what happens when you're 12

You forget that the big gun punches a bit harder than those namby pamby varmint rifles.

You lean into your shooting sticks too close.

Your face meets up with a back moving Burris Signature scope and you try to stop said gun with your nose/eye socket.

Your dad loads up a wicked accurate load of IMR 4350, 180 gr. Sierra boattail SP in a .300 Win mag Remington 700.

You forget that even though you are a fantastic shot there will be consequences with this combination.

Edited by skb2706 (04/09/10 02:48 PM)

#1579944 - 04/09/10 05:09 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: skb2706]
kdad73 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/04/10
Posts: 129
Loc: missouri
I got mine when I was about 12 or 13 first time shooting a high powered rifle (Husquavarna 30-06) did not listen to my dad and did not hold the rifle tight to my shoulder. I can still hear my dad laughing at me when I look in the mirror.

#1581602 - 04/12/10 09:22 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: kdad73]
Tnslim Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 07/07/09
Posts: 2207
Loc: TN
I got mine about 35 years ago when a friend and I were in his brand new Chevy 4X4 riding in some hills of SW Va when I spot a crow sitting about 100 yds out. He got his Rem .270 and handed it to me as I rolled down the window and right as I got it up to my eye it bumped the window, went off and laid me out like a light. A couple minutes later after I got my senses back and the inside of his truck looked like a hog slaughtering just happened he said "I forgot to mention it's got a hair trigger". The worst part of all was the dang crow was still sitting there. I left him alone. Can't see the scar for the wrinkles but the dent is still there.

#1582548 - 04/14/10 03:27 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: Tnslim]
AZcayote Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 03/02/09
Posts: 412
Loc: Tucson, AZ
I got one. Respect the .30-06!
Coyote Overkill Squad
Founding Member
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#1582570 - 04/14/10 04:39 PM Re: Scope eye.......... [Re: AZcayote]
Super White Hunter Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 03/23/10
Posts: 1240
Loc: Colorado
I have been hit several times, best story is of my wife, on her first elk hunt on the first morning had a nice 6 point bull walk out, she had a habit of not seating the recoil pad properly wich i always harped on her for. the elk was less then 100 yards, on her first shot she scoped her self so bad it broke her nose, had two huge shiners for weeks, made for great pictures, i was proud of her she had missed with that shot but gathered herself together and was lucky enough to get a second shot wich got the elk/

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