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#1427989 - 11/29/09 07:20 PM 1st for the season!!
vargy49 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/28/05
Posts: 1318
Loc: iowa city iowa
Thank You all for coming over. Milkman,Beaver and Tony G.
Started off trying to send 4 hounds up a creek. Rhino and Hunter went like they should but Marie and Tazer run down the road like idits.
I told Beaver to stay with these 2 and I would try to get Marie and Tazer caught. Well they made the next road before I got them and was heading for standing corn.
I get on the other side and wasnt long I heard both open in the corn. Sounded like they were running good in the corn. I pulled into the edge of a bean feild incase it tryed to exscape across the open!! Wasnt there very long and a big dog coyote came out of the corn and ran right at me but ducked back in the corn in stead of crossing the fence. Marie came out about 100 yds behind it. I got out to send her some help and she shut up just as I sent the hounds.
Well they run right down the fence on the wrong side and head right on north!!
Beaver gets bear caught so I grab him and try to get him back in the corn. He heads south right along the edge and turns west on the corner.
I make the road and get him caught and here comes the rest. I catch all except June.
I head back to find where Rhino and Hunter are at. I track them on the south end of the first section. I get down wind and heard Hunter bark a couple times. Sounded like a bay bark. I think the knot heads have another coon so Tony and I walk in. I am ready to kick butt cause I know they have a coon in a hole or somthing.
We get to them and they have a coyote killed laying on the creek bank and are chewing on it. A smaller Female yote. She had some broke teeth and her front teeth were wore down so I dont think it was a first year coyote. A real funny colored coyote with a funny colored tail.
Get loaded up and try putting hounds back in the corn where the first yote was. Hunter picks a track up and takes it through the corn and out the south end. All 5 hounds quit at the road and never picked it back up.
They get across the road and start bothering a cat in persons yard!! Dam DOGS!! LOL
Move on the another creek and send a bunch of hounds. Heard a couple start barking but never mooved. Milkman and I head in and find 2 of his in a junk pile!! probly another ring tail!! LOL
We find June in another junk pile with probly another ring tail!! LOL
Get every one caught and head for another creek. Send 5 hound up and Tony heard them open from the east road. I am on the west side and tracking them close but couldnt hear them with the wind.
We walk in and find them in the standing corn with a big boar coon. They must of been pulling tug awar with it cause it wasnt very good shape.
Loaded up and called it a day.

Tail gate pic!!


Edited by vargy49 (11/29/09 07:23 PM)
no better music then a pack of running hounds putting the heat on!!

#1428213 - 11/29/09 10:15 PM Re: 1st for the season!! [Re: vargy49]
Predburner Offline
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Registered: 03/19/07
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Loc: Oklahoma
Good to hear from you Vargy....Thanks for the story....


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