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#1073734 - 09/30/08 08:35 PM 30 Herrett
baer19d Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/15/08
Posts: 272
Loc: Savannah, Georgia
I just bought a 10 inch 30 Herrett barrel for my TC Encore and just wanted to get some opinions and ideas (for loads) from people since I'm not very familiar with this caliber.

#1073735 - 09/30/08 09:03 PM Re: 30 Herrett [Re: baer19d]
Rustydust Offline
PM senior

Registered: 10/21/07
Posts: 5500
Loc: Southwest Idaho
Ah, the 30 Herrett. Man, but there used to be a lot of those at IHMSA shooting matches until the 7mm TCU took over top spot. Brass is made from 30-30 Win and from what I remember is a pretty hot little round. You should be able to get around 2000fps or so with a 125 grain bullet out of that 10" barrel. Do not, repeat do not forget your muffs.

It was the brainchild of a guy named Steve Herrett and a gun writer named Bob Milek. Herrett is more famous for his Herrett grips. Steve is long dead, but Herrett grips are still being made in Twin Falls right here in Idaho.

I hope that you got forming dies with this thing, but if not you can still buy them from RCBS and Hornady I'm pretty sure.

Let us know how it shoots. It a fine deer round if you keep your shots at a sane distance. Topped with a good scope, it should be fine out to 150 yards or so, with 100 yards being better.
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#1073736 - 09/30/08 10:07 PM Re: 30 Herrett [Re: Rustydust]
RagnCajn Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/03/05
Posts: 5685
Loc: Shreveport, LA
I've shot a few deer and coyotes with my 10 TC 30 Herrett. Like Rusty said, pretty potent round from a handgun. I used, if memory is correct, a 130 SSP Hornady bullet. I just checked the site and didnt see it listed. The SSP designated Single Shot Pistol. It was designed to open at the reduced velocities of a pistol. It did a good job. When I ran out of them, I tried the 125 BT Nosler. It didn't do as good a job and I put the gun away to be revived one day.

Get a good scope in the 2-7 range and keep your shots to your confidence level. You will enjoy it.

Forming brass is simple. I simple run 30-30 brass into a 30 Herrett trim die. Cut the top off with a hack saw and file it smooth. Chamfer the necks and then run them through the sizing die. Now they are ready to load. After fireforming loads, size them to be a tight snap fit on closure. Do not set the shoulders back again. You will get headspace issues if your not carefull. Properly sized your brass will last over 10 shots or more.

I can not remember off hand what powder I used but just check some loading references and you should be good.

#1073737 - 10/01/08 03:24 AM Re: 30 Herrett [Re: RagnCajn]
SodakJim Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/14/07
Posts: 1658
Loc: Gettysburg, South Dakota
RagnCajn has it right on the 30 Herrett. I had a TC Super 14 in 30 Herrett that was very accurate with almost any load I tried. I took at least 6 deer in Washington state at ranges up to 150 yards. It was scoped with a Burris LER 3-9 that was more than enough. A compact 2-7 would be a better choice I think. My powder of choice was H4227. My favorite deer hunting load was: Sierra 125 Spitzer, 22.6 grains of H4227, CCI-200 primer, 2.177 OAL, 2344 fps from a 14 inch barrel.

After fire-forming I only neck sized my cases. I gave it up in a weak moment at a gun show, after getting fed-up with all the case prep. I sold the complete die set only a year ago at a local gun show.


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