Looking for a hand call

Posted by: Boomstick

Looking for a hand call - 09/09/20 09:50 AM

Hey all. I've been using e calls for the last year, and know I need to add a hand call. I hunt a bunch in the north east (NY and PA woods) and looking for recommendations. I would prefer something easy to learn to start off with, then add to my repertoire from there.

And kind of off subject question....has anyone found a way to attach a squeaker from a dog toy to handguard of an AR? Something easy to squeak while holding on a dog.
Posted by: carvercalls

Re: Looking for a hand call - 09/10/20 06:11 AM

Any of the call makers here are top notch they can get you what you want, All of them have been building calls for years.. Ya can't go wrong..
Posted by: Bob_Atl

Re: Looking for a hand call - 09/10/20 08:55 AM

on the mouse squeaker topic, learn a lip squeak, like a backwards kiss, then you have one less item to mess with or get lost on a yote trip.

Hint, don't practice it on your spouse..
Posted by: AdamT

Re: Looking for a hand call - 09/13/20 10:00 PM

Everything you need to know regarding hand calls is found in the first reply you got, in the form of the comment as well as the commenter!
Posted by: greengt88

Re: Looking for a hand call - 09/16/20 12:01 PM

I used Mcnett Camoform tape to secure squeakers from dog toys. A few wraps is all thats needed.