Airgun hunting???

Posted by: 762x39

Airgun hunting??? - 04/16/20 05:42 PM

How many here hunt with airguns for small game? What kind of rigs do you have??
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Re: Airgun hunting??? - 04/19/20 06:24 PM

You only need to post the same topic once
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Re: Airgun hunting??? - 04/19/20 11:04 PM

Wow, I guess that's a no!
Posted by: Greenbowfish

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/24/21 08:00 AM

I hunt small game and rodents with an air rifle. Like to carry it around the property just to keep shooting since I don't want to waste ammo with the cost. I have a Walther 177 cal.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/24/21 06:01 PM

Lots of videos on air gun hunting. I just watched several. Even watched a few on shooting long range with an air rifle. Interesting!
Posted by: masshunter

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/26/21 07:51 PM

Squirrels off the bird feeder, chipmunks in the summer. I have some cans hanging in the branches in the back yard and practice in good weather. Can get a lot of practice in odd times. I think there is a lot of airgun hunting in the UK.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/30/21 01:42 PM

The way finding ammo is going, we all may be airgun hunting before long.
Posted by: cased

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/30/21 07:45 PM

Just found out today that migratory grackles are covered under federal guidelines but starlings are legal to shoot year round in Massachusetts.
Posted by: weneedtoo

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/30/21 10:03 PM

What's the difference between a Grackle and a Starling? Do you have to shoot one and look close to tell?
Posted by: Bear

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/31/21 02:41 AM

Grackles are the common Blackbird and the red winged Blackbirds.
Posted by: cased

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/31/21 08:04 PM

But for the eyes grackles are all black and starlings have a lighter beak and pinkish legs.
Posted by: Heymartay

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 01/31/21 09:04 PM

Grackles are Grackles, they’re purplish with long tails and not legal. Blackbirds have short tails and are a flat black and prolly not legal to shoot. Red wings are obvious cept that the females are brown with stripes and not legal. Starlings look different and you can shoot all you want. Look them up to make sure.
Posted by: killahog

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/03/21 08:44 AM

I use a FX Crown in 22 caliber for starlings and during Squirrel season, I really enjoy eating the squirrels.
Posted by: Greenyonline

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/05/21 07:51 PM

I bought a Benjamin Trail NP2 for pest control, plinking and to just have an alternative in situations like now, ammo shortage etc.. I did the popular upgrades and purchased the common pellets that perform. It took three tries to get a scope that would live on it but it’s way bigger than it should be as effective shots won’t exceed 35 to 45 yards. The biggest problem is consistency (or the lack thereof). I have not mastered the artillery hold so this heavy air rifle sits in the corner.
Posted by: carvercalls

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/13/21 05:50 AM

I have 2 FX impacts 25 cal and 35 cal.. They will both shoot right at 1 inch groups if I do my part at 100 yards and it is usually a 10 shot group. So squirrels and birds are no problem at that range.. Here are allot of folks where I live getting into Air Gun Hunting.
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Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/13/21 12:25 PM

Originally Posted By: carvercalls
I have 2 FX impacts 25 cal and 35 cal.. They will both shoot right at 1 inch groups if I do my part at 100 yards and it is usually a 10 shot group. So squirrels and birds are no problem at that range.. Here are allot of folks where I live getting into Air Gun Hunting.

Yes! These rifles are still mind blowing on how precise they are.
Posted by: Ohiochuck

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/15/21 10:29 PM
Provides much information about air guns- hunting, target shooting, maintenance both PCPs & spring operated rifles/pistols. Optics, etc.
Excellence advise when requested
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Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/18/21 04:28 PM

I live in Uk and have hunted with 23-49ftlbs air gun for over 20 years.
They are super accurate and I now have FX Impact's and Dreamline.
These are in class of their own.
I have .22 Impact .25 impact and .30 Impact the dreamline is fitted with Pard008 night sight and used for rats shooting.
I fine they are much safer to use than rimfire as the power is much lower, but where I hunt there are lots of raods so air rifle can take safe shots where rimfire could not.
I used to hunt at night on small farm and would stop shooting Rabbits when I got to about 30 I sold them to local butcher and he only would take 25-35 at once.
Posted by: sscoyote

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 02/26/21 11:05 PM

Wife is Filipina, and I got started in airgunning there, since 'Kanos (Filipino slang for Americano) cant own FIREarms there. Have killed a bunch of rats in the local dump there--some of the most fun hunting ever...

as well as some super-fun improvised long-range shooting on frogs and targets there guessing BC's and MV's in Chairgun.
Posted by: Cryptid

Re: Airgun hunting??? - 04/25/21 12:59 PM

I live in northern Nevada along the Carson river, I used a Benjamin marauder .22 with an ATN nightsite II to shoot starlings and gophers from my back patio.