New addiction

Posted by: Rhett Steele

New addiction - 12/31/18 07:08 AM

I have been turned on to some of the funnest hunting I've ever done. A couple of years ago Santa got my girl a requested puppy. Being that Santa likes hunting he figured the dog should help him out as well so he found a Mountain Feist squirrel dog. This weekend I hunted him seriously for the first time. What a hoot! My 6 yr old boy and I shot 7 and 2 got in holes on us. This is an absolute blast.
Posted by: DesertRam

Re: New addiction - 12/31/18 10:41 AM

What a way to spend quality time in the woods with your boy. Very nice.
Posted by: GC

Re: New addiction - 12/31/18 11:02 AM

Awesome! You guys should have a lot of fun together following your Fiest.
Posted by: 6mm06

Re: New addiction - 12/31/18 09:51 PM

We had a Feist when I was growing up, Penny was her name and she was responsible for probably a truck load of squirrels over her lifetime. That was some great hunting fun and actually a way of life as a hunter in our area back then. We didn't have deer or turkey back then. Rabbits and squirrels and an occasional grouse were all we had to hunt. Dogs were always a big part of our life.

Enjoy your little Feist. Happy days are ahead.
Posted by: Rider300

Re: New addiction - 01/06/19 10:09 AM

Was one of my favorite hunting when I was younger.
Posted by: redhaven

Re: New addiction - 01/10/19 01:50 PM

That sounds fun. I tried training my mutt dog to hunt squirrels, but he's easily distracted.
Posted by: Californiadoggers

Re: New addiction - 01/13/19 12:15 AM

bmc make good squirrel dogs
Posted by: Treerat-sniper

Re: New addiction - 02/01/19 01:28 PM

Congrats & enjoy! One of the best squirrel dogs I've hunted with was a friend's homely Rat-Terrier named Herbie. He wasn't very big but he was a heluva treeing dog. Crazy little guy took on an incidental raccoon that wasn't quite dead once, he made out alright though.
Posted by: Bear

Re: New addiction - 08/27/19 04:08 AM

what is a bmc dog?
Posted by: 6mm06

Re: New addiction - 08/29/19 12:33 PM

Black Mouth Cur
Posted by: Bear

Re: New addiction - 08/30/19 04:02 PM

Posted by: Handi204

Re: New addiction - 09/02/19 09:54 PM

I like them Cur dogs I've had three mountain curs all were great tree dogs. Now I borrow my buddies cur.
Posted by: Rhett Steele

Re: New addiction - 12/07/19 11:11 PM

Last year he was silent treeing, this year he has a mouth. He has turned into a treeing machine. Daylight coons, cats and tree rat after tree rat. Fun times ahead!!
Posted by: C. Harper

Re: New addiction - 12/07/20 08:23 AM

Nothing better than spending time hunting with your son. Keeps him off the tech gadgets.
Posted by: Ethan1234

Re: New addiction - 02/20/21 02:08 AM

I wish i had a good squirrel dog to hunt with here in wv
Posted by: WVDanimal

Re: New addiction - 07/16/21 02:13 PM

Originally Posted By: Ethan1234
I wish i had a good squirrel dog to hunt with here in wv

Ethan, I'm in the Eastern Panhandle, Hardy county. I bred my brindle male cur to a friend's brindle female and she's due in about 2 weeks. Mine is registered, his is not. Give me a shout if you're interested in a pup. We have both fiest and cur.