Fake Leupolds

Posted by: pyscodog

Fake Leupolds - 09/14/21 06:01 PM

The bootleggers have changed the game a little. Used to tell the fake ones buy the serial numbers. Now the numbers look legit but they have a copper colored ring instead of gold. The box's look the same as a real one as well. Even the glass is pretty good but they are bogus. A guy I know had two on his table this week-end. He was selling them as bootleg Leupolds but for a guy that didn't know any better he would get hoodwinked.
Posted by: shelton573

Re: Fake Leupolds - 09/14/21 10:51 PM

I bought a 1.75-4 leupold scope for a shotgun off eBay for a really reasonable price. When it came in, the return address said ďWarehouseĒ and that was it. There was no packing slip in the box but the scope was still shrink wrapped. I panicked a bit and called leupold. Gave them the serial number without mentioning the details on the scope. He rattled the info back to me all the way down to the reticle. He said to look at the lettering on the objective and canít remember exactly what he asked me about the lettering but when I told him he said your are 100% good to go and if you have any problems with it send it in and we will take care of it. Pretty nice folks over there.
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Re: Fake Leupolds - 09/15/21 05:22 PM

The guy had two of the imposters. If he hadn't had them marked as fakes, I'm not sure I would have noticed. They are getting better fooling the consumers. You use to tell right off by the serial numbers and the stick on paper badges they used. Now the numbers look legit and the badges look real as well. Be aware!
Posted by: Tgunz64

Re: Fake Leupolds - 09/24/21 12:49 AM

Ever been on that WISH app? They sell the fakes on there. Iíll only buy from reputable dealers then I know Iím getting a real one. In fact I just bought a VX5HD 3-15x44 couple days ago. My 2nd VX5 model and am looking forward to sighting it in soon.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: Fake Leupolds - 09/24/21 04:58 PM

Never been to Wish but might check them out. I could use a nice scope for a rifle I acquired/