Herter's Red Dot.

Posted by: OKRattler

Herter's Red Dot. - 10/31/19 01:54 PM

I got one of these a while back and forgot about it until recently. I figured I'd put it on a shotgun. The only problem is I don't know how good of quality those particular red dots are. Would the recoil of a 12 gauge tear it apart?
Posted by: OKRattler

Re: Herter's Red Dot. - 11/02/19 02:02 PM

So far so good. Got it dialed in with light loads yesterday after work,took it out and shot a coyote with it. Nothing broke or flew apart after shooting the 3" shell. Should work just fine.
Posted by: jcs271

Re: Herter's Red Dot. - 11/13/19 10:47 PM

Let us know how it's working after a couple hundred rounds. I run Leupold DeltaPoints and Ultradots on my rifles and shotguns with great success. Hopefully yours will hold up as well. Good luck.
Posted by: AWS

Re: Herter's Red Dot. - 11/14/19 07:21 AM

I tried Red Dots and Holographic sights on shotguns and didn't care for them, low power scopes work better for me 1-4x20mm on combo guns(rifle/shotgun) and 1.5-6x40mm on rifles. I did mount a holographic sight on my bow and really like it there.
Posted by: OKRattler

Re: Herter's Red Dot. - 11/14/19 02:27 PM

I'll let y'all know how it holds up. I haven't shot but one 3" shell out of my gun since I put it on. But I've shot about 50 rounds of 2 3/4" light loads and high brass loads and it's held up so far.