Weigatinney base

Posted by: Tgunz64

Weigatinney base - 10/21/19 10:27 PM

Anyone use this base for a Ruger M77 series of rifles? Thinking about one for my mark 2 30-06 but would like some feedback. Recently swapped scopes and sighted in yesterday for deer season but I wish the scope was farther ahead. Because of the limited room with Ruger style rings Iím stuck unless I go picatinney style. Which I want to do. Iíll keep the gun as is until next spring when I can hopefully get to the range and redo my setup. Thanks!
Posted by: crapshoot

Re: Weigatinney base - 10/21/19 11:17 PM

I have one on my dads old red pad, tang safety 77 in 7mmrm. It's holding a burris xtr II. I've only hunted 1 cow hunt with it in this configuration. No complaints so far and i didn't have to drill dad's old action.