NiteSite nite vision add on

Posted by: NebrCatMan

NiteSite nite vision add on - 10/14/19 10:57 PM

Hello all, first time poster on here. Have been visited this site before off and on. I have a question. I am not ready to pop on a high dollar IR or night vision scope yet. My buddy told me about an add on unit called Nite Site Wolf you can add on to your regular scope. The unit utilizes a camera that goes on your eyepiece and an external battery pack, along with a small screen/built in IR illuminators. Anybody have something like this. Around $700 to maybe $1000. Any good or just throwing my money away. Comments? Thanks
Posted by: bob2799

Re: NiteSite nite vision add on - 10/15/19 10:48 AM

For 700 to 1000 dollars there would be several good options available .. For example you can buy a really good digital nv scope in that price range .. Before you spend your money do a search for nv scopes and explore all the options that would work for you .. Tom Austin at ngi is a sponsor here .. he can give you expert help .. Good luck ..