Norma Tac-22

Posted by: pyscodog

Norma Tac-22 - 09/13/21 11:08 AM

Anyone try this yet? I picked up a box at Academy last night to try in the 40X. I watched a few video's and accuracy seemed decent depending on the rifle it was shot out of. Most are saying its "target" grade and not "Match" grade. Seems to be better than bulk grade ammo. The video's said cost was around $6.50 but I had to pay $10. Maybe when the ammo crunch is over the cost will come down. Rim thickness seems to be a factor on accuracy and one guy said out of a box of 50 only 5 rounds had the same rim thickness. Not good but he was surprised on how accurate it was.
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Re: Norma Tac-22 - 09/13/21 01:23 PM

I've shot a lot of it. Not as accurate as the subsonic in most rifles, but the Rem 504 thinks its super match ammo. The 10-22's like it also. Your 40X should do a good job with it.
I was told the Norma rimfire ammo is made by RWS.
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Re: Norma Tac-22 - 09/13/21 01:37 PM

I watched 22 Plinkster shoot it in an Ar type 22 and it didn't shoot that great. He switched to a CZ bolt gun and it shot really well. The other video I watched was a guy with a PRS style 22 bolt rifle. He measured all the cases and was the one that said only 5 of the rims out of 50 were the same. It still shot a ragged hole at 50 yds. I think it kinda shocked him as well.
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Re: Norma Tac-22 - 09/14/21 09:06 PM

Itís 22 ammo. Your gun will let you know if it likes it or not.
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Re: Norma Tac-22 - 09/15/21 08:40 AM

I've had good luck with it. In a Bergara B14r. The lube is extremely messy.
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Re: Norma Tac-22 - 09/15/21 03:48 PM

Originally Posted By: Dennyr
I've had good luck with it. In a Bergara B14r. The lube is extremely messy.

I read that the bullets were lubed pretty heavy. I guess the ammo was designed to be shot out of AR style 22's. I haven't shot any of it yet. Still setting on the bench.
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Re: Norma Tac-22 - 09/23/21 01:39 AM

I very recently purchased a new 22 bolt rifle with the intention of shooting Nrl22 and Nrl22x matches. Happened accross a ton of the Norma Tac22 so I bought 1000rds hoping it would work out. So far thoroughly impressed. Shooting 2" steel at 200yards with it consistently. 4" steel is virtually 100%. .401 average group size with me pulling the trigger at 50yards. Several smaller groups. Ive been told Norma 22pr is the same thing as RWS. I also picked up S&K and Eley at the same time. The Norma has outperformed both. Still do get the random flyers that are pretty far out there but I geuss its within my expectations for 22lr ammo.