Accurate 2230

Posted by: pyscodog

Accurate 2230 - 06/25/21 01:47 PM

I've never used it before and bought a pound to try in my 223AI. Any suggestions or comments from those of you that use it?? It seems to be in stock most of the time at the local store. If it works out, its not hard to get. Any load suggestions for the 223AI would be appreciated. Barrel is a 9 twist Lilja. Thanks
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 06/25/21 02:22 PM

I shot a lot of it with 40 grainers, mostly V-Max at 27.4, 22" barrel with velocity around 3,500 fps, and very accurate in a 223 bolt action. Also shot a lot of 50 grainers (mostly V-Max again) in same rifle at 26.2 grains also velocity about 3,300 fps and very accurate, but not quite as fast as Benchmark at 26.5 grains.

In another 223 bolt-action (Savage model 12) with 26 inch barrel I shot a lot of it with 40 V-Max again mostly and some 40 Varmageddons at 27.3 grains. Velocity running about 3,750 and also very accurate again with some in .2, .3, and lots under .5 moa.

Currently shooting it in a 16" AR suppressed with 50 V-Max and 50 Speer TNT's at 26.6 grains and about 3,200 fps. Has not shown any pressure issue, but haven't shot it in hot weather. That is my coyote load. These loads have been safe in (my guns), and not recommending that anyone using this powder not do their own work-ups.

Sorry can't help with the 223AI loading, but gives you an idea of what has worked in 223.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 06/25/21 03:50 PM

I used to use it in several different .223's when I could get it. I haven't seen it in a while though. I don't remember all of my loads but I shot a lot of 60 and 62 grain bullets with 23 grains of 2230. Accurate and no issues.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 06/25/21 04:02 PM

Thanks Guys. Its my first time using it and just curious how it works. The guy at the store said he uses it and really liked it...but he's selling it as well. I have a Tikka 223 and my custom 223AI that I'll be trying it in. Thanks again.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 06/25/21 05:21 PM

Works well in a number of cartridges for me. It is the only rifle powder I order in large jugs.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 06/27/21 11:19 PM

I would not call it the ultimate accuracy powder. But you can push it pretty hard w/o getting pressure with the mid weight bullets.

I thought that would be the ultimate powder for NATO velocities in a 16 inch carbine with 55gr bullets. It really was not all that impressive.

Then i pushed it to the limit with 70gr Barnes TSX bullets. That was by far the fastest velocity i was able to achieve with that bullet. Accuracy was better than TAC.

Long time ago now. Now i use neither heavy copper bullets or ball powders if i can help it.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 06/29/21 06:57 AM

There is not a thing wrong with 2230. It's good stuff.
I load it about like h 335, maybe a bit less, it will do the same thing. If you can get it, buy it.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/02/21 12:05 AM

One local shop seems to have it most of the time. Hope it works for me. Gonna find out Friday if it isn't raining.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/05/21 08:44 PM

I've used a bunch of it in 223AI with 40's. A 26" ar barrel will spit 40's at 3850 with 28.5 gr of 2230. 24" barrel 3750 with the same load. Killed a lot of pdogs, and a few coyotes with that combo.
Posted by: turkeyguy

Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/05/21 09:20 PM

My go to powder in my T3 lite. little bitty groups with hornady 55 grain S.P.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/05/21 10:21 PM

Seem to work pretty good when I got up on the upper end of my loads. No pressure signs so I may push it a little harder and see what happens.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/11/21 11:29 PM

Same powder as x terminator I think
Posted by: spotstalkshoot

Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/12/21 08:28 AM

A fast burn rate, lower burn temperature powder. No decoppering additives, but was reformulated to improve temp stability. Run 50-70 gr bullets. Should help reduce throat wear, especially if you don't trim brass short.
Posted by: muskrat30

Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/13/21 09:52 PM

Yes, I think it is the same as Exterminator, which I usually buy if I can.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/14/21 01:56 PM

I use a lot of 2230 in the 6 BR, 6 BRA, 6 BRX, and 6 Dasher with 75g bullets and under, extremely accurate and fast!
Posted by: Acronin

Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/14/21 08:08 PM

I used this to fire form my 6mm Mongoose brass with 87gr Hornady HP's and i'm a little sad that I don't have anymore to fire form, ha. It shot amazing. I did what you did and bought a lb because it was there. Last rifle powder on the shelf at my LGS for some reason. There are plenty of other powders I would pass on well before AA2230.
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Re: Accurate 2230 - 07/21/21 10:31 AM

works great in the 458 Win mag