22 Nosler

Posted by: Dark moon 63

22 Nosler - 06/23/21 08:57 PM

Anybody have any good or bad about the round they care to talk about. I have an upper and handguard that need a barrel so I ordered a 24 inch WOA barrel.
It has a wide range of load data that would be interesting to try. The videos make it sound like nosler improved the brass to last longer. I'm slowly collecting parts for a 243 ar 10 build but going to try the 22 nosler hot rod for now since parts are available.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 06/27/21 11:07 PM

I am also interested in this cartridge. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to get your barrel. Which magazines are you going to choose?
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Re: 22 Nosler - 06/28/21 09:02 AM

It will be interesting. Their web site says averaging 16 weeks. I got an email from Faxon that said they can get 416 blanks now. Hopefully that's a good sign for white oak. I'll use 6.8, valkyrie 10 round magazines. I ordered it in early June so about 1 down already. Lol
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/06/21 10:19 PM

We have 3 in my group all new this year. 2 Dtechs and I built mine on a proof research barrel. Twist rates from 1:8 to 1:14. 18in barrels and a 22 in.

We touched 3500fps with 50gr vmax. Can't get to max load cuz pressure signs and warped case
Heads. All 3 guns are very accurate. All reached our goal of 3500ffps, barely. 224 valkarie cases might hold up better. Slightly less capacity. 22-204 is an option as well.

Overall satisfied with 22 nosler but did not exceed expectations.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/07/21 01:24 PM

Thanks Tjkiller. 50 grain v max is my first choice to try. My 24 inch valkyrie shoots the 50 gr. V max with 29 grain of CFE 223 at 3400. If the nosler brass can take it, the load data looks like I can easily put 3 or 4 more grain of CFE 223 behind the same bullet. If it works it should be a coyote killing machine.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/07/21 09:20 PM

55 Nosler bt's with 33 grains of CFE 223 and 450 primers at 2.260 will be over 3500 fps.
All the soft brass talk is BS. It's a great round. I have experience with several both at the range and on fur. Coyote killingest factory ar15 round available.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 12:14 AM

Varminter .223,

Which magazines do you suggest?
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 08:48 AM

We use Stoners mags. Might be something better out there but the stoners seem to be fine.

While the 55 bt load shoots great and is the fastest the best group I shot (5 in one small ragged hole) was 30 grains of varget. It was only 3300 out of my 22" 12 twist though. H4895 shoots great with 50 BTS as well.
55 blitzkings also shoot great with the same CFE 223 load. The varmageddon 55s from Midway and the factory Nosler 55 bt loads shoot 5 at or under 1". Our woa barrels have been great and all loads have been basically max powder charge. Expect a swipe on the brass after extraction but it is due to bolt timing not brass hardness. I get a swipe on my 6.8 variants as well when run around max. My new 243 LBC seems to not swipe. I assume due to the big case head surface.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 09:07 AM

Thanks varminter 223. That's what I like to hear. I've thought about trying ballistic tips. V max and varmageddon are cheap and accurate but don't hit bone. I've watched the jell tests and the ballistic tips penetrate farther before they explode.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 09:14 AM

We had very good luck with 22 and 6 mm ballistic tips. The varmageddon 243 Dogtown makes big entrance holes and produces runners with their chest hanging open. I'm gonna go back to the sierra 60 hps in my 243 since they are so accurate before trying 70 BTS. The 70 BTS were outstanding on fur out of my 6x6.8.

One of my 22 noslers prefers the 53 V-Max with CFE 223 but I've only killed 2 coyotes with that rifle. Great results both times.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 10:12 AM

I think most AR's beat the brass up a little one way or another. A bent rim needs an adjustable gas block. As long as the primer pocket is good a die can fix the rest. IMO.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 11:56 AM

Yes, I believe an adjustable gas block would be necessary for barrels > 20 inches. My 24 inch AR in 223 is the most over gassed rifle i own. To the point where i can't even use slow powders w/o malfunctions.

I also have the same experience with Nos 55gr BT's. Most accurate bullet i have ever fired.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/08/21 02:00 PM

I have 3 22" 22 noslers. 2 are rifle plus 1 and one is rifle length gas. I had one other woa rifle length 22" that is now my buddies. I'm not sure which way I would go if I ordered another. I fought some cycling issues on one but it was due to a slightly ovesized carrier where the rear of the bolt passed through and has to seal. I think that was with a rifle buffer set up. It was just short enough on gas to cause and intermittent issue of short stroking which allowed the bolt lug to slip over the rebated rim when stripping it out of the mag. It would get the round half fed then jam against the center of the case. Imo rifle gas length isn't any harder on brass. I don't have adjustable gb on many uppers but rifle length and an adjustable gb might be plenty of bolt delay.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/09/21 09:35 AM

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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/09/21 09:37 AM


22 nosgar.

Re size 6mm hagar brass in 22 nosler dies.

Replace bolt to run with the bigger case head.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/09/21 10:58 AM

I've watched all those. Kinda why I don't have one already. When I bought my valkyrie every video on you tube that talked about brass life said they would blow primer pockets in 1 or 2 loadings. I've loaded everything from 40 grain to 88 grain bullets hot and haven't blown a primer pocket yet. It's hornady brass, some have been loaded 20 times. Hagar is an affordable available option. Not knocking his experience but some of the problems he was having I was quite sure I could fix. The main reason I haven't tried the 22 nosler is because I didn't like the sound of that much powder with a little 223 rim. I've already ordered nosler brass but see Hagar is in stock. Definitely a good option.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/09/21 06:48 PM

Just came from a range session, load development. 22in proof research barrel, 1:8.

29 gr benchmark, 50 gr vmax. 3450fps avg. 29.5 is max but the signs show up.

32 gr win748, same bullet and col. 3650avg. Starting to show signs.

These were the 4th time I've used these dogtown cases.
Both sub Moa. Was able to reach max with 748.

Overall it's a lil pressure sensitive, but it performs. Walking the pressure line your gonna get a couple hundred fps over 223 running lighter bullets.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/10/21 09:10 AM

Your 748 velocity is what I'm looking for Tjkiller. If the 1:8 white oak does that I'll be happy.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/10/21 10:10 AM

Originally Posted By: Dark moon 63
Your 748 velocity is what I'm looking for Tjkiller. If the 1:8 white oak does that I'll be happy.

I got some cfe223 , should be up there too. The groups with 748 was good, ES was pretty high, I'm gonna play with the seating depth.. now the just fit in the mag. I will say the hot 748 loads had noticeably more recoil.
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/10/21 03:38 PM

Is 748 a powder you use a lot. I like win. 760. I noticed the only winchester data for the 22 nosler is staball 6.5. Not one of my favorites but I have some. I never have tried 748. Sooner or later I plan on doing some comparing and make a valkyrie load with 760 and eventually the 22 nosler if the valkyrie load turns out. I 80% stuck a bolt doing that when I got my 6.5 creedmoor. There was very little load data and I tried AR comp. It was a little hot. Lol
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Re: 22 Nosler - 07/11/21 08:29 AM

That was first time I tried it. Data was on the nosler web page.