Powder in stock

Posted by: pyscodog

Powder in stock - 06/21/21 04:25 PM

I had to run to Tulsa to a marina to get some Marine-Tex and the reloading store was just a block or two away. Was pleasantly surprised to see the racks full of powder. He had a lot of the popular brands on the shelves and said he had more coming. Of course the prices were a little higher than a year ago but at least its coming back. He said they were finally starting to fill the back orders and has more coming. Bullets, not so good. He had some but nothing like last summer. Primers....nada!
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Re: Powder in stock - 06/21/21 08:12 PM

Everything costs more now & it's going to keep going up
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Re: Powder in stock - 06/21/21 10:23 PM

I was paying $21-23 for Marine-Tex but today after tax is was just shy of $29. May go back to Acra-glas gel if it keeps going up. I was talking to the owner of the reloading shop and he said prices were higher because suppliers weren't giving him his shipping discounts and having hazmat charges and a slight increase in wholesale prices, he had to raise his prices. But he did say he thought the prices would come down a little as more suppliers start getting caught up. Guess we'll wait and see.
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Re: Powder in stock - 06/22/21 09:23 PM

I wouldn’t say it is coming back. Some can be found every once in a while. Was easier to find last month. Powder Valley has not been getting much the last few weeks. They just announced it was getting harder for them to get again.
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Re: Powder in stock - 06/26/21 11:17 AM

The store I was in has quite a bit of powder. Seems he gets his orders but sometimes they are late and he gets several orders all at one time. Hodgdon powders are still not coming in like the other brands. No primers though. He still can't get them yet.

Another large store in Tulsa had several CZ rimfire's and a few Tikka rimfire rifles in the racks. Said they were finally here from an order placed back in January.
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Re: Powder in stock - 07/09/21 09:05 PM

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Re: Powder in stock - 07/09/21 09:05 PM

Hodgdon comes from Australia, overseas shipping has been a problem for months
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Re: Powder in stock - 07/18/21 11:52 AM

midsouth has been getting some powders, they went up to 17 the other day & are back down to 5 now, worth keeping an eye on them.

I made up some 223 loads for my sons AR and he found that it really likes one of them, so I'm looking for more IMR 8208 XBR. Only have about 1/3 lb left of that
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Re: Powder in stock - 07/18/21 12:24 PM

I noticed some H4350 on the shelf in a store in Tulsa but he's proud of it. But if you "need" it I guess the price isn't that bad @ $50 per pound.
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Re: Powder in stock - 07/22/21 01:36 PM

Primers, Powder, Brass, Bullets, are all going to be more expensive then they previously were, another year, supply will come back, but prices will never be the same. My inside sources say Coyote prices will decline as well, hope they are wrong.
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Re: Powder in stock - 07/25/21 08:49 AM

Since the beginning of the plandemic, I have really only been interested in trading out components (to keep inventory numbers from declining.) I have been picking up powder and bullets that fit my needs off forums when I find them at pre-covid pricing.

You won't find it in your LGS, but highly desired powder can still be bought for $25/lb and $175/8 lb jug. I did have to give $115 for 4 - lb bottles of H4831 and drive 25 miles to meet the seller last weekend.

I do an online check at least twice per day.