Powder Shortage

Posted by: 10Bears

Powder Shortage - 11/11/19 06:35 PM

I must have had my head buried lately so what's the reason for the powder shortage this time around. I don't know how many for sure but I see nobody has Varget, H-1000, IMR 4198
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Re: Powder Shortage - 11/11/19 08:46 PM

Have not seen any indication of a powder shortage on any of the powders I use.
Posted by: Kenlguy

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/11/19 08:55 PM

pounds and pounds of the stuff around here.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/11/19 11:53 PM

Its hunting season. Small shops may just be running low.
Posted by: arlaunch

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/12/19 09:36 AM

I am thinking Hodgon is having a problem getting some of the Ozzy powders. RL-15 is a good substitute?

So i hear. I bought a pile of it for a good deal, then sent in for the rebate.

Shooting is a far off dream for me as i am moving right now coupled with helping family members whose health is not so good at this time.

H4895 was out of stock for a while. I believe it is back now though. IMR 8208 XBR has been hit or miss.

These days all i buy is 8lb or 5lb jugs.
Posted by: zr600

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/12/19 11:11 AM

Varget H4350, h4831 or sc is available were I am. The hard ones to find are h1000, retumbo which has been coming and going lately, rl23 his hit and miss just picked up 5lbs the other day, rl26 is impossible, rl16 is easy to get. Itís hit and miss kind of. I think h1000 and retumbo, rl26 are like the H4350 was a few years ago just new cartridges that them powder favor towards maybe. Plus there was a fire this summer somewhere I donít know if it was a warehouse or a powder factory but I know I heard that fire was going to affect some of the powder availability.
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Re: Powder Shortage - 11/12/19 12:31 PM


Not fires at the powder plant but fires in general.

Not sure if this is or will affect supplies.
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Re: Powder Shortage - 11/12/19 06:07 PM

Go on Midway and check out all the out of stock no backorder, unavailable and mixed availability of the IMR and Hodgdon powders. I think some of you guys hit on something there. I had heard the same rumor that the Varget factory burnt down....like they have one factory that just makes Varget..right
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Re: Powder Shortage - 11/12/19 10:20 PM

I donít buy powder from Midway. Look at Powder Valley. As for the Varget factory burning down, there was another post about starting a rumor that brought that up. It was stated that it is just that, a rumor. It did not happen.
Posted by: Stu Farish

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/12/19 11:08 PM

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Re: Powder Shortage - 11/14/19 10:19 AM

If you are referring to Varget. You need to remember that this is the beginning of Match rifle season. Lots of shooters using Varget. Supply will catch up.
Posted by: BleedsBlue

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/14/19 10:14 PM

Give shooters world precision a chance as a substitute for varget.

Here is a few links with articles about it

Posted by: ehitzari

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/21/19 11:42 PM

Anyone found any Retumbo?
Posted by: DANNY-L

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/22/19 12:46 PM

Only powder I can't find is Rel26
Posted by: ehitzari

Re: Powder Shortage - 11/22/19 09:26 PM

Where did you find it? Last I looked Powder Valler and Midway were out