6x6.8 cycling issues

Posted by: varminter .223

6x6.8 cycling issues - 11/17/19 09:32 AM

My cartridge overall length is 2.310 ish depending on polymer tip length. Has anyone had any issues when running this longer coal. doesn't seem to matter whether it's a full mag or 1/2 full mag etc. I need to take it out here in a bit and see if it locks back on an empty mag.
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Re: 6x6.8 cycling issues - 11/17/19 09:37 AM

I noticed I have to pay stricter attention to a resized case's OAL and trim, otherwise jamming and extraction is a real PITA on mine.
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Re: 6x6.8 cycling issues - 11/17/19 11:27 AM

Problem solved. The front piston ring on the bolt look like it had caught in the gas vent hole and sheared a little piece of it off and tweaked it. The gun was not locking open on on an empty mag. I pulled a carrier out of another gun and put a new piston ring on it and it is locking back and cycling fine now.
Prior to that I had been using some magazines that I had bent to feed lips on to help my 22 Nosler cycle and it was allowing the bullet tip to kick up too much and jam.
On top of that Ive got some ASC mags which seem to have a slightly smaller ID than the stoner mags which caused the rounds to drag and not feed. I switch back to Stoner mags and it seemed to fix that problem so I think I've got all my headaches resolved for the moment.
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Re: 6x6.8 cycling issues - 11/17/19 01:34 PM

I'm glad you got it figured out. That being said you didn't mention what bullets you are using and looking over my numbers on the new Tac Ord tube with the chamber as originally designed I find that very few bullets will allow loading to 2.310 without being stuck up in the lands. My last BHW tube gave me a bit more latitude but still I had many that would not go to that length. I have threeor four of the BHW and in one the 58 VMAX hits at 2.295 another stops at 2.273. I the Tac Ord it goes in at 2.271.

Stoner mags are by and large made by ASC BTW.

Posted by: varminter .223

Re: 6x6.8 cycling issues - 11/17/19 07:29 PM

I shooting 70 ballistic tips.
The particular ASC mag I was using seems to be Flex or bent in a bit in the front where it overlaps compared to the stoner but it could be just that one.

Also I cannot put more than 15 rounds in the 25 round magazines or something is jamming up not allowing the rounds to be pushed back up tight against the bottom of the feed lips. I assume the longer cartridges aren't fitting in the bend of the magazine.
As far as the gas ring getting caught on the gas bleed hole I'm guessing that's why most non side charging carriers if I recall have multiple small holes as opposed to one larger hole like the Bear Creek Arsenal. So if anybody has one of the BCA's I would suggest that you make sure the end of the gas ring is not lined up with the hole or it may catch and screw it up like mine.