Bow Season 2020!

Posted by: GC

Bow Season 2020! - 09/17/20 08:38 PM

Opened September 15th here in Missouri. This weekend there is a cool front moving in. Saturday morning low is predicted to be in the upper 40's* with a high of 70*. My son and I will be deep in the Ozark hills before daylight Saturday morning, 20' up a tree. Good luck to any other archers able to hunt this weekend!!!
Posted by: DesertRam

Re: Bow Season 2020! - 09/18/20 11:32 AM

No archery for me, but I'll be headed off for elk come October 1 with a handgun. Then rifle pronghorn with the kid a couple weeks later, deer with a muzzleloader a couple weeks after that, and more later in the year with kids (deer, elk, and sheep). I may try to tune the old Archery Research up for my javelina hunt in February.

Good luck GC! I hope to see a bloody arrow and some tasty free-range steaks in the near future. smile
Posted by: Terry Lightle

Re: Bow Season 2020! - 09/18/20 06:21 PM

Oct 1 here will be shooting the longbow later this evening
Posted by: GC

Re: Bow Season 2020! - 09/20/20 11:36 AM

Son killed a doe on our first sit of the year. 23 yards, quartering away double lung shot. She ran 30 yards, got whoozy and tipped over. We quartered and deboned her, sacked her up in game bags and packed her out. A good pack out, only a half mile back to the truck which was parked up on the ridgetop.

I saw a buck, a good one too. However he came from behind me and got my scent at about 70 yards and bugged out. A beautiful day in the woods with my son.
Posted by: Bob_Atl

Re: Bow Season 2020! - 09/20/20 07:18 PM

Best of times GC, savor them...
Posted by: panhed

Re: Bow Season 2020! - 10/03/20 07:46 PM

our season started today here in Pa. went out this afternoon, saw a few sneaking around in the brush. then when I walked home, there was the one I wanted, standing at the edge of my yard. don't shoot them in the yard, so got to watch it run off.
Posted by: weneedtoo

Re: Bow Season 2020! - 10/04/20 11:46 PM

Bow season in Missouri started on the 15th. Grandson turned 13 on the 19th. He killed a small doe on the 20th. His sister was in the stand reading a book and got to watch. He was onto her about making noise turning pages. Serious hunter! Back up a tree on 26th, and killed a button buck. Two deer with a bow under a week. Yea I am proud of him! Every chance I get, I say aim small miss small and I guess he got it.