crossbow rack for 4 wheeler

Posted by: trapperdoc

crossbow rack for 4 wheeler - 09/04/19 10:29 PM

I bought a tenpoint crossbow with acudraw system which makes the stock very wide. I am looking for a front rack to transport to my stand is anyone using this bow with a rack on their atv. I am looking at a moose (M.U.D.) rack that is supposed to be rated very high but not sure if the stock would fit. Open to suggestions. Thanks Trapperdoc
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Re: crossbow rack for 4 wheeler - 09/12/19 05:28 PM

Trapper ,
Several years back I faced the same dilemma .First with an Excalibur the a Ten point .
I have a Honda Rubicon - I went to a sling which carries on your back like a pack , made by Timber Butte .
Solved my issues .

Hope this helps .

Posted by: trapperdoc

Re: crossbow rack for 4 wheeler - 09/13/19 03:31 PM

Thanks for the reply I took a sling off one of my rifles and it worked perfectly....trapperdoc
Posted by: 22 Chuck

Re: crossbow rack for 4 wheeler - 09/29/19 03:59 PM

I dont know about how it will fit but in this state the crossbow/gun/etc better be cased. How about your state?