State Firearms Laws

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State Firearms Laws - 09/28/08 05:39 AM

Very good link provided by the NRA for GUN LAWS by State.

Link to Gun Laws BY STATE from the N.R.A.
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Re: State Firearms Laws - 01/17/13 02:47 PM

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Re: State Firearms Laws - 05/11/13 04:32 PM

Go to thr page and click on the "Gun Laws" tab and it is all there.
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Re: State Firearms Laws - 11/25/14 09:34 AM

Iv lived in Wisconsin my whole life and within the last year I moved to Illinois. Only a month ago I found out that without their F.O.I.D. card I'm not allowed to possess any of my guns that I'v brought with me, such as my .22 I got when I was 11. How can it be legal for them to say that I cant possess firearms that I purchased elsewhere. I went back to WI to go deer hunting this year and if I'm not mistaken unless I was on the interstate(and I may be wrong, interstate may not be included) I was breaking the law by transporting a firearm w/out their F.O.I.D. card. [beeep]. I went to the above link and looked at almost every state and did not find one state that required anything special for owning a long gun. In my opinion this is absolute B.S. I apologize to those that live in this state as your probably use to it as you grew up with it but from my perspective this is the most rediculous law I'v ever come upon. Oh, and becuase of the concealed carry law the turnaround for recieving your F.O.I.D. card is up from roughly 3 weeks to 6-9 weeks according to the local police station. I'v always gone coyote hunting following deer season. Now I'll have to go back home to WI to go or wait the two months till I can hunt down here.