Jerry White at PM hunt?

Posted by: doggin coyotes

Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/24/04 05:22 PM

Just wondering if Jerry White showed up at the hunt. If he was there was there any friendly benchrest shootin going on? I have'nt seen a post from him in awhile. Hope everything is ok.
Posted by: Michael J. McCasland

Re: Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/24/04 05:38 PM

Jerry did not make it to the PM hunt this year. This was fairly short notice and the last we heard he was having trouble getting time off. I hope he will be able to attend next years hunt, I know we'd be glad to see him.
Posted by: Jerry White

Re: Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/26/04 08:00 AM

Sorry I missed it guys. I plan to make the LBL hunt. AZ was kinda short notice. I can make Ky though. Hope to see you guys there if its in your books. I will make plans and be in a better position to make it next time arround. I am polishing my calling skills. Glad you guys had a time of it. You do realize I'll be a better shot next year? lol jerryboy
Posted by: Stu Farish

Re: Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/26/04 08:14 AM

Jerry, I had hoped to make the LBL hunt this year. It looks like I'll be in Nashville that weekend to deal with some family issues, so once again I guess I'll miss the hunt. Wish I could make it, would like to meet you & many others. Looks like I just have to hope for a better next year...
Posted by: Jerry White

Re: Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/26/04 08:18 AM

I just read where Randy Mose Merta got the most kills? OMG! Good going Moose! Wo hooooooo!!!
Told ya guys us Indiana boys were raised a huntin and a kilin! haha I plan to ride with Randy to the LBL hunt. 2 weeks and counting, jerryboy
Posted by: daveyboy

Re: Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/26/04 04:25 PM

Hey jerry you really will have to make it to globe next year,what a great time with a whole bunch of good people.Besides we can set up a shootout with the ar guys and the bolt action guys.that would be pretty interesting .You don't know anybody with the name of michael who might go for that do ya That could be just 1 more activity to do at the hunt,but I'm thinking as good as this hunt went when everyone tells their friends about it you might have to get 2 hotels lined up.It doesn't get any better,except I'm gluing myself to a guide next time to see if I could improve on the 1 fox total for me.take care daveyboy P.s.jerry,michael not trying to stir the pot or get anything going with the above kidderoo,I would really enjoy seeing some great shooting and from what I've heard you both can supply plenty of that.
Posted by: Jerry White

Re: Jerry White at PM hunt? - 01/27/04 12:51 PM

Not a prob. It's all in good fun.

As a matter of fact. I went hunting with a buddy a few weeks ago. We sat over a yote field and ole wiley never showed. I was bored and he had some extra time. We went to my local range. We sat and I was testing some new loads I worked up. New upper and totally unfamilliar. A 24 ss bull.
I shot some rounds to get into mode. Then popped 3 into 3/4 at 247 yds. Common for these guns. The three were in the lower left cube or a score keeper target. just missing the bullseye.The breeze I guess The pal was V101 here on PM and he was freaking.
He shot a target clay at 247 also. I think he liked that gun. Standard trigger also. I mix and match trigger componants till I find one with less creep.This one breaks like glass. I have match triggers but this one is odd. Standard but lighter than a run of the mill and clean.
I just enjoy shooting. I have nothing no one else doesn't have. I could set you up and have you doing the same thing in minutes. I'm having fun with a new 7mm mag. Bwaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!