barrel chambered

Posted by: tractorman

barrel chambered - 02/18/22 02:04 PM

Where do you guys think would be the best place to get a barrel chambered for an impact action? Wanting to do a 22CM. I have found some barrels in stock. Thanks.
Posted by: pyscodog

Re: barrel chambered - 02/18/22 03:09 PM

There is a long list of smiths that could fall under the category of "Best". How long do you want to wait and how much do you want to spend? The "Best" usually have a long wait period and are expensive. If you go to the Accurate Shooter site and click on the Bulletin, on the left side is a list of categories. You'll find Gunsmiths. Click on that and there is a bunch of Top Smiths listed. Just pick one.
Posted by: tractorman

Re: barrel chambered - 02/18/22 05:59 PM