Tigger help

Posted by: Luna

Tigger help - 01/27/22 07:02 PM

I'm looking to update my trigger on my Remington 700 .204 Ruger, I'm looking at the Timney elite hunter or the Triggertech primary flat shoe on both. Anyone have any experience with these triggers and which would be a good trigger.
Posted by: B23

Re: Tigger help - 01/27/22 10:46 PM

I have some Timney Calvin Elite triggers on a few builds and a couple TriggerTech's on others. Having both, I like the TriggerTech better.
Posted by: K22

Re: Tigger help - 01/28/22 10:57 AM

Shilen triggers would be another one to look at.
Posted by: 204 AR

Re: Tigger help - 01/28/22 11:06 AM

Tiggers love to bounce, whowhowho!

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Posted by: baitpile

Re: Tigger help - 01/28/22 11:42 AM

I have both in the curved shoe. I like them both, but kind of partial to the wider shoe on the Timney. As far as performance, in a hunting rifle, I like them both for the money. Huge improvement over Remington factory for sure, either way you go.
Posted by: muskrat30

Re: Tigger help - 02/04/22 06:48 AM

I have a Shilen & Timney on separate Remington rifles. I think either would be a great choice. Id look at some details, adjustment weight range, price & whatever, then get one.

For a hunting rifle, anywhere near 2.5- 3 lbs is fine for me.
Posted by: LUCKYDOG

Re: Tigger help - 02/04/22 09:32 AM

I can only speak on the Timney. I have had one for probably 7 or 8 years and it's the best Trigger I have ever had and really improved the shooting on my Remington 700 VTR 223.
Posted by: Dennyr

Re: Tigger help - 02/04/22 03:23 PM

I have some of both Timney and trigger tech. Timney service is some of the best.I sent one in to be modified they never cashed my check said all they wanted was a happy customer. Have 4 Trigger techs and they are pretty nice. I'd go with the best deal you can find.