Really like the Savage 93 F 22 WMR

Posted by: bmoore

Really like the Savage 93 F 22 WMR - 11/08/19 07:14 PM

Took the new 22 mag down to the desert today for a quick plinking session. I had 30grn Vmax and 30grn Lead free HP, both made by CCI. I love this rifle, it is super light and handy. Never thought much of 22 mag but it packs a punch. I removed the rear site ramp and that made elevation dead on inside 75 yards or so and probably out to 100. I read somewhere along the way that they shoot high and to remove the ramp, it did shoot high and it worked like a charm. I was shooting at clay pigeons and water bottles at 30-45 yards. Took me about 10-12 rounds to figure out that it was shooting about 3-4 inches to the right at 45 yards.

I did not bring a punch so I just held a water bottle width to the left.........everything exploded after that. I drifted the front sight when I got back home. It was a ton of fun and I need more ammo. Mags worked flawlessly, both the 5 and the 10 round versions. Savage must have fixed the issue because I have had no issue from my 97R17GV in 17HMR or this 22 mag. Simple rifle but this thing is really a nice shooting rig, if you are on the fence........get one.