Bipod quick attachment?

Posted by: zr600

Bipod quick attachment? - 12/20/17 01:15 AM

Whatís out there for quick attachments for bipods? I know skinny uses something but canít remember if he uses Harris or Atlas bipods. Iím looking for Harris style bypod.
Posted by: wormydog1724

Re: Bipod quick attachment? - 12/20/17 09:09 AM

What are you attaching it to? Sling stud, m-lok, picatinny, keymod?
Posted by: zr600

Re: Bipod quick attachment? - 12/20/17 08:52 PM

Currently I just use a Harris with sling stud but thought in one of Skinnyís videos they said they carry two bipods and have quickattachments on thereís but canít remember what kind of bipod and system they used.
Posted by: wormydog1724

Re: Bipod quick attachment? - 12/21/17 10:15 AM

I've never done the two bipod thing. Y'alls country allows for a lot more prone opportunities than here I guess. We sit in chairs and use Rapid Pivot sitting bipods so we can see over the tall grass.

So my handguard is M-lok, I have the Rapid Pivot button jerry-rigged on the end of my handguard and I have a short harris bipod on a Kinetic Dev Group M-lok bipod attachment, it's a QD m-lok attachment. I can pop the short harris on if there's an opportunity to go prone, but that's maybe 1 out of 100 stands.

Rapid Pivot used to make a short prone bipod but I can't find one anywhere. My brother got one when they were still available so he uses it and doesn't have to jack with the m-lok/harris combo like me.

Posted by: orkan

Re: Bipod quick attachment? - 12/21/17 11:50 AM

Atlas PSR bipod. Only way to fly.

It uses an ADM QD picatinny interface. We always keep em in stock.