Which Trigger?

Posted by: RockCrusher

Which Trigger? - 09/20/08 04:59 PM

I did some shooting with my AR today pretty much for the first time. I had shot it a little before this but nothing serious. My problem is that I don't like the trigger. It is a RRA lower with the stock trigger. My question is between RRA two stage trigger and Timney's drop in trigger. The RRA two stage trigger is about $100 and the timney is around $150-$200. What is the difference, which one is the best for the money, what do you like best, and where is the best place to get either one? Thanks in advance for any and all input. RC
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/20/08 05:26 PM

I have a custom RRA with their 2 stage NM trigger and I really don't like it.

First, I don't like 2 stage triggers and the single stage pull is over 5 lbs. Crisp, but heavy. I would recommend you go with the timney if cost is not a big problem.''

There may be some that disagree with me, This is just my opinion.

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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/20/08 07:30 PM

Have a stock DPMS single stage, and also was frustrated with the feel and weight. was on here looking for the same info as you and ran across "The 15Minute Trigger Job" for the AR. was ready to toss it out anyway so i figured I might as well try it.

WOW what an improvement. Still not a match trigger but very crisp, Like a glass rod.

It involves modifying the two springs. The only other thing I did was hone the trigger & Hammer before I polished it.

Might be worth a try. Have not shot it yet but can feel a big difference.
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/20/08 07:36 PM

Here try this The only tool you'll need are pliers, Good HD wire cutters (Like Knipex) a dremel w/ felt wheel and Buffing compound( I used 3M 3600 Perfect-It)

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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/20/08 07:56 PM

I have a 3 lb Timney. My buddy has a Chip McCormick. They both are wonderful triggers. They both were a piece of cake to install. You could try that 15 Min trigger job and if it doesn't make you happy you could go with the Timney.

I have also seen posted that someone here does real nice trigger jobs. Others may know who that is. But that would entail shipping your lower or gun to him.

I hate 2 stage triggers.
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/20/08 09:38 PM

Thanks a bunch guys I will give that a try and if that still doesn't suit me I will go with a Timney or McCormick trigger. Thanks again RC
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/21/08 02:16 AM

Timney!! CMC is junk! Had one, been there, done that!

Unless you like a lot of creep! The Timney is the only way to go.
Posted by: Curt Barrett

Re: Which Trigger? - 09/21/08 02:26 AM

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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/21/08 11:38 AM

+1 on Timney; best single stage IMO.
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/21/08 11:54 AM

I have a Jewell 2-stage, but between the 2 you listed, I'd get the Timney.
It replaces the entire AR fire control group and you won't run into the problem of it changing as the pin fit through the receiver wears.
Mike Milli at DTech will rework your stock trigger into something very nice from what I've read on here. That's another option.
Jewell makes a very nice 2-stage trigger for around $200, also.
Posted by: TexasTweeter

Re: Which Trigger? - 09/21/08 05:21 PM

Timney. Never tried anything esides a worked trigger, or a Timney on any of my guns. Had no reason to.
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/21/08 05:23 PM

Timney. Dad had a CMC, but it had some creep, so he switched it to a Timney.
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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/23/08 04:47 PM

Tinmey, Timney and Timney. I have them on my AR, a .22-250 and a .270 WSM and they are great. The only better trigger I have found is the stock Tikka trigger, although Accutrigger is also pretty nice if you happen to own a Savage.

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Re: Which Trigger? - 09/23/08 07:23 PM

Gee I been doing that fifteen minute trigger thing for years and didn't know it. I thought that was what you did when you built a AR lower.