Looking for great coyote hunting!

Posted by: Kaianuanu

Looking for great coyote hunting! - 07/30/21 10:05 PM

Hey guys, im a young professional from Florida with litte land at my disposal. I joined this forum a bout 10 years ago as a teenager with dreams of shooting yotes in beautiful country. Im a little older now and have a decent career going and a couple nice rifles that im dying to put some fur in front of. Iím looking to spend 3 to 7 days doing some hardcore yote hunting, will hunt day and night if youíll let me. Iíve been looking for guides/lodges without much luck. Please PM me if you can help me out, and let me know if you guys know a good guide/lodge! Thanks guys!
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Re: Looking for great coyote hunting! - 08/03/21 09:17 PM

I probably can't spare a full week, but if you're serious, I can probably carve out 3 or 4 days if you can get to NM. I have a few openings in my schedule that I want to fill with an out of town predator hunt. I think I have a good spot, though I haven't hunted coyotes there before. All indications are that it'd be good though. If you want to discuss more, send me a PM with your phone number and let's chat. Caveat - I am not a guide or outfitter, just a guy who hunts public land in NM.

If that won't work, you need to contact Tom Austin (TOM_NGI or similar - he's with Night Goggles) here and see if he's still guiding.
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Re: Looking for great coyote hunting! - 08/04/21 01:00 AM

I'm in central Florida, just below Ocala.

I've managed to cultivate some relationships with land owners which has given me access to lands for coyote and hog hunting.

Wouldn't hurt to ride the countryside out in the rural and agriculture lands where large fields are... think cattle... yotes kill calves and farmers don't like yotes.

Make you some business cards with your info so you can hand them out.

It can be an uphill battle gaining the trust of a farmer being a stranger and all, but you have to start somewhere. The main place I hunt now, which is about 3500 acres, took me a few years to get access to. For some reason they took a liking to me and now I have the place all to myself. But at first all I got was a :thank you for asking but no".

My neighbor just lost three sheep to yotes and I've killed six behind my house and another guy killed the same... however, they are apparently back.

PM me you location if you want.
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Re: Looking for great coyote hunting! - 08/05/21 11:20 AM

I sent you a PM, I have 100's of thousands of acres to hunt in N.D. Check out my PM.