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SIAMESE ROSEWOOD - 01/24/22 02:46 PM

I think this may be my last post here. It so sad to see this page die out. SO I will leave you all with this.
I just got a new supplier and this was the first piece of SIAMESE ROSEWOOD shipped
In photo are my SHE BTCH HOWLER and RED-F
The wood is off the chart rare, and the photo says the rest.
This set has been sold.if you would like a set contact me on FB

DSCN8354 by Bob Patrick, on Flickr

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Re: SIAMESE ROSEWOOD - 01/24/22 08:40 PM

Sad indeed. Beautiful work. Are you on Instagram too? I haven't been on FB in over a year.
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Re: SIAMESE ROSEWOOD - 01/29/22 08:34 PM

Super sharp!!
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Re: SIAMESE ROSEWOOD - 01/29/22 08:39 PM

What is your FB page?
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Re: SIAMESE ROSEWOOD - 01/30/22 08:49 AM

Sorry to see ya go . beautiful work.
But I don't facebook
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Re: SIAMESE ROSEWOOD - 02/10/22 07:05 AM

I am going to enjoy them calls Bob. They look great and thanks for the great work. Rare Earth calls on facebook guys. Glad to add these to my collection.