Giraffe bone...

Posted by: TNYotehntr

Giraffe bone... - 08/29/21 08:23 PM

Saw a giraffe leg bone while I was surfing around looking for call materials and thought why not?..

It was a little more hollow than I expected...

So I stabilized it and got some 2 part acrylic resin and filled the void. I figured I could keep the ramp of the call all bone.

After it hardened I cut it into small sections and turned it round.

Turned a Jarrah burl barrel for it and as far as I know it's the 1st giraffe tone board, sounds great will do from the bunny blues bark's howls and ki-yi's. This call is $95 + shipping.

Posted by: DesertRam

Re: Giraffe bone... - 08/29/21 09:48 PM

That's a beauty! I got my daughter a custom knife when I was in South Africa with a giraffe bone handle. It's been great.
Posted by: TNYotehntr

Re: Giraffe bone... - 08/30/21 06:50 PM

Thanks Desert Ram! Itís some hard material for sure!
Posted by: AdamT

Re: Giraffe bone... - 08/31/21 09:21 PM

Awesome looking call. Pretty neat as well with the giraffe bone.
Posted by: quickblood

Re: Giraffe bone... - 08/31/21 09:39 PM

WOW! Unique and beautiful!
Posted by: TNYotehntr

Re: Giraffe bone... - 09/01/21 08:40 PM

Thanks guys! The giraffe bone is some hard stuff!
Posted by: crazyyote

Re: Giraffe bone... - 09/13/21 07:41 AM

Gorgeous call, It is interesting to see some of the steps it takes to make a call. Came out amazing.