Little Antler(SOLD)

Posted by: ohioyotehntr

Little Antler(SOLD) - 01/13/21 03:29 PM

Today Iíve got a cool little antler closed reed call up for sale. This dudes only about 2 1/2Ē long but it will blast it out. Call is SOLD
Thanks for looking
Posted by: AdamT

Re: Little Antler(SOLD) - 01/13/21 08:42 PM

Sweet call. If you make any more let me know . Iím a big fan of calls made of antler or horns.
Posted by: BMeyer

Re: Little Antler(SOLD) - 01/13/21 08:49 PM

Steal of a deal for that call!
Posted by: carvercalls

Re: Little Antler(SOLD) - 01/16/21 08:11 PM

Originally Posted By: BMeyer
Steal of a deal for that call!

Yes it was!!
Posted by: ohioyotehntr

Re: Little Antler(SOLD) - 01/17/21 03:49 PM

Thanks guys! With all thatís going on I try to give guys a deal on these little calls to get into the custom market. Plus try to get some traffic in this forum. Covids got folks holding off on getting cool toys sometimes. Trying to help out a little where I can