Posted by: badtothebone

** LAST FIGURED MAPLE BUNNY BOMB ** sold - 09/20/19 09:33 AM


This is the last lathe turned figured maple Bunny Bomb I made. It has some fiddleback and curly grain figuring, and some cool shifts in color. I had it stashed for myself, but I realized I have more than a life time of calls already in my gear bag so I decided to let it go.

It's got a 'low glow' finish, not too flashy or shiny in the sun light. Oil and wax is my favorite finish for a 'go to' call. The body shape is hand friendly, and it has a slight flare cut into the bore.

The Bunny Bomb tone board is tuned high pitched, and is SUPER easy to blow; it takes very little lung to make it scream.

If you're new to hand calling, I'd be glad to get on the phone with you after you get the call and go over the basics.

$25 will get it to you, and I'll pay the postage and tracking, usually around $4.

Regards friends!


Posted by: AdamT

Re: ** LAST FIGURED MAPLE BUNNY BOMB ** - 09/20/19 10:38 PM

Thatís a neat one indeed. Iíd love to have it but Iíve got enough of the bunny bombs for myself, both kids, extras to stash in my whitetail gear and truck for just in case times, and still have a few spares. Hopefully thereís a new guy comes across this and snags up the opportunity. Regardless, whoever gets it will have a great call no doubt.
Posted by: Big Flounder

Re: ** LAST FIGURED MAPLE BUNNY BOMB ** - 09/22/19 11:47 AM

I've got one of Rudy's Bunny Bomb calls and I can vouch that they are AWESOME sounding! Someone needs to jump on this.