External Battery ?

Posted by: k9jones

External Battery ? - 05/20/22 11:55 PM


I ended up purchasing a SY35. I purchased an external battery pack (TBR) with the scope. When I use this external battery, do I need to go into the menu, and change the battery settings from 3v to 3.7v?

Thanks in advance for the replies!

Posted by: DoubleUp

Re: External Battery ? - 05/21/22 09:31 AM

No Sir, that is only if you are using 123 rechargeable batteries instead of regular 123 batteries.
Posted by: Kirsch

Re: External Battery ? - 05/21/22 09:45 AM

DoubleUp is spot on. I would recommend keeping it at 3v unless running rechargeable CR123 or the 16650 with the extenders.