Coyote "Cat"astrophe

Posted by: DoubleUp

Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 05:24 PM

I had pictures of a pair of coyotes in the field behind my home on Friday night. Last night the big male with the long legs returned early around 9:30. The long legs didn't help although he did run across two cuts. I double lunged him. I had to shoot him earlier than I preferred as he was about to get two of the neighbor's kittens that were on the bait pile with their mother. Video is posted below. Here is Mr. Longlegs.

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Posted by: alf

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 05:39 PM

Nice shot on "Daddy Long Legs".....
Posted by: jmeddy

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 06:40 PM

Enjoyed as always.
Posted by: Kirsch

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 07:32 PM

Squeezed it between the branches, nice shot. Coyotes are really tough on cats. It might have gotten them all.
Posted by: weekender

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 07:46 PM

He just thought about it, but DU changed his itinerary. Fine shooting DU.
Posted by: Pa. Mick

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 07:56 PM

You are truly a life saver Owen, nice shot !! Long legs for sure, maybe because he doesn’t have much hair !
Posted by: 6mm06

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/15/22 08:42 PM

Those long legs were of no help.
Posted by: Ksracer

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/16/22 02:11 AM

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Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/16/22 05:22 PM

I don't think the kittens would have stood much chance. I knew he was hit hard because I heard the bullet slap, but was surprised he ran that far before folding up.
Posted by: 204 AR

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/16/22 10:44 PM

That was a long legged cuss.

We have a few cats, and I always figured a coyote would get one but in 8 years here haven't lost one yet. Our big (neutered) tom cat weathered 3 weeks out one time, during some snow and even sub-zero weather. I would love to have a gps to trace his route sometime.

Anyway, great shot and good job saving the kitties!
Posted by: DoubleUp

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/17/22 11:16 PM

Thanks 204, and did you notice the coyote doing the big belly flop?
Posted by: Toro

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/18/22 03:33 AM

That was pretty cool
Posted by: TXCOONDOG

Re: Coyote "Cat"astrophe - 05/18/22 07:40 PM

Heck yeah!