Head gear and mounts for PVS14???

Posted by: Rock Knocker

Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/20/20 03:19 PM

I'm looking for a helmet and mount for a PVS14. I'm seeing tons of options out there, most of them cheap knock off stuff.

I'm leaning towards a bump helmet to save money and weight but a helmet that stops bullets is enticing also.

I'm looking at the Rhino 2 mount or the Wilcox G11 mount, any opinions on those?

I would have ordered a Hard Headed Vetrans helmet already but they are reporting 8 to 12 week lead times.... that's a bummer.
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/20/20 04:31 PM

I would recommend calling Tom Austin. He is a wealth of knowledge on the topic. 909-312-5424 X531
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/20/20 07:45 PM

Just thinking about wearing a ballistic helmet makes my neck hurt. In my opinion, if you dont plan on being on a two way range and intend to use for hunting or just general NV use go as light as you can. Ive got a Team Wendy Bump upgraded with 4D pads. It is super comfy but at the end of a long night even it starts getting heavy. Ive gone the opposite direction lately. I picked up a Crye Precision Night Cap last fall and thats my go to now hands down.
The Rhino 2 is a really good mount that will do what you need and wont break the bank. The G11 is really nice as well, and a lot more expensive. I have owned both and still have the Rhino 2. Both mounts are fantastic in my experience.
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/20/20 11:52 PM

Agree with cml about the Team Wendy helmet recommendation. I went with the Team Wendy Exfil LTP helmet (Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer- $300) & a Wilcox L4 G24 mount with the Low profile breakaway base ($475). Both are highly recommended and top-of-the-line pieces of gear. A great combination.

Team Wendy Exfil LTP: https://www.teamwendy.com/products/helmets-accessories/helmets/exfil-ltp

Wilcox G24 mount: https://www.wilcoxind.com/product_mount_g24.php

Have fun!
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/21/20 07:02 PM

So that Crye Precision night cap works well? Not too much wobbling around or cranking staps to your skull? Its right in the price range I'm looking for but I never gave any of the "skull crusher" type caps much consideration, i heard they're uncomfortable but I'm a noobie.

I'm leaning towards a team wendy bump helmet but i could pick up one of those night caps up and that would give me something to work with then maybe make an order with hard headed vetrans and not worry so much about a 3 month wait.

I see TNVC has the Wilcox G11 on sale for $320, that's $6 cheaper than the rhino 2. So for the same price which mount would you choose?
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/21/20 08:37 PM

I dont do any running around with the Night Cap but I can say its very stable doing everything else without cranking straps down crazy tight. The Night Cap is so much better than your typical skull crusher. Only way I can describe is baseball hat comfort. With the Night Cap you will need to purchase a shroud to clip the mount into..the Wilcox L4 three hole shroud can be had for $62 without lanyard. This is something thats already built into the Team Wendy. Then im not sure if you will need a counter weight with a pvs14 and the Team Wendy....ive read people running fine without and others that prefer a little counter weight. With the Night Cap it will probably be more comfy with a little counter weight (I use wheel weights from Harbor Freight) Crye makes a battery pouch/counter weight pouch for the Night Cap...thats another $22.00. The counter weight will help keep all the weight off your forehead and spread it out over the top of your head. The Night Cap with shroud and counter weight pouch would be around $160 total not including shipping that may be added. I purchased my Rhino 2 off ebay for $80. It was brand new and the genuine thing. You should be able to find one for under $100. If you prefer to order from TNVC then the G11 would be my pick. Hope this helps answer some of your questions.
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/22/20 09:29 PM

Get the Bump helmet, go with the G22 or G24, I like the G24 break away mod. Then take a look at the RQE, now KVC Dual Bridge. You may not need it, but it is nice to possibly swap the unit between eyes or if you ever get another PVS-14 you can run duals. I'll have a review up on my Helmet rig hopefully soon. Finally got 1200 acres of corn in, and catching up on spraying. Just need to get our cattle out to pasture and I should have some time to knock out some vids for you fellas!
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/23/20 04:20 PM

I've got a team wendy bump, a rhino 2 and a j arm on the way.
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/23/20 04:47 PM

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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/23/20 05:06 PM

Glad you found a combination that will serve you well. I really like the Crye Precision, especially during the warmer months. Keeps my head so much cooler, but mosquitoes can bite through the mesh, so needs a little deet.
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Re: Head gear and mounts for PVS14??? - 05/26/20 11:27 AM

Yeah I liked the idea of the night cap but needing to buy a shroud also soured it a little and i will be using this most in the winter, I didnt think the night cap would play well with big hats under or over.