Little guy in the woods

Posted by: lockrotor

Little guy in the woods - 05/30/21 11:15 AM

I was standing by shed when I saw a doe walking by, she didn't see me. She walked buy about 30yds away. I was watching behind her to see if there was any fawns. I saw the fawn and the doe saw me. She stopped and looked back at the fawn. She took off and the little fawn layed straight down. Walk over and took a couple of pictures. Cute little fawn. I'm guessing a week old. We have seen the doe and fawn a couple more times behind the shed. We think its the same doe we have had hanging around the place the last couple of years. Hope you like it.

Posted by: AWS

Re: Little guy in the woods - 05/30/21 12:52 PM

Isn't fun when you can get that close.
Posted by: cparph

Re: Little guy in the woods - 06/16/21 02:32 PM

Have the same situation at my place. I believe does have their fawns close to buildings as it reduces the likelihood predators will locate them since they tend to stay away from buildings.
Posted by: Mr. Poppadopalis

Re: Little guy in the woods - 07/26/21 11:26 PM

Fer Kute!